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Paris Dunk SB's for that ass...

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Guest imported_sofarok
Originally posted by Hank Parker@Oct 18 2004, 04:53 PM

i was about to get the Thames Dunks yesterday but the damn store was closed.



london's? you will be lucky to find any left at foot patrol, 6 months to late, a few b grades were spotted in US outlets a couple of months back..unless you know a secret spot or have lots of cash to spend?

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i can safely say that there has yet to be a single pair of dunks that i have even the slightest bit of interest in.


i had a friend that got real into them over the last year or two. he would drag me to the mall all the time to look at shoes. he would talk about opening up his own store. he was annoying as fuck. we are no longer friends.

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Sorry i didn't see that other post you made earlier.


don't know the price yet. but what ever i'll probably get em if they're like 150 quid or less.


i was stuck around your way sunday night man...it blew i had to get a taxi and shit...and didn't have enough money.

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Guest imported_sofarok
Originally posted by GrimeyLife1@Oct 19 2004, 07:29 PM

what the fuck are you supposed to wear with bright ass green shoes like that.....crazy :dazed:




actually there have been a few items in the 'whitelabel' line that are perfect, i iwll have a look for some on line..

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Originally posted by El Producto@Oct 19 2004, 08:25 PM




if you were from london, you would sick of these...fucking everyone has them...its the same with most nikes, which is why i refuse to buy nikes now..



You wont see many people wearing those as that colour was only released in 1990! I know what you mean though, JD has killed the air max 90, proper pikey wear now. I've got two deadstock pairs, some MX oranges and some coral roses which will remain deadstock for the foreseeable future.....

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