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Jon Stewart VS CNN Crossfire


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Originally posted by hobo knife@Oct 16 2004, 11:15 AM

....I've actually watched some of this shit lately, and its honestly designed to be frightening. They go from reporting another "terrorist attack" to talking about how weak Kerry is. And then a hurricane has "devastated" florida again. And then next topic is "does Kerry support troops?"...Then its the scott peterson murder or some other glorified violent crime. then "a sin to vote for Kerry?"...



are you serious? has it really gotten that bad? I never watch CNN no more, so I'm clueless, pretty much.

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Originally posted by <KEY3>@Oct 19 2004, 11:41 AM

what's plural for thermos? thermai ?


Thermoses, I think it's one of those brand words like Xerox or Kleenex. You know, Kleenex can refer to a box of Kleenex or to a Kleenex though, so maybe Thermos is the plural of Thermos like you said it first, but I doubt it because you cannot fit many Thermoses conveniently in a giant Thermos. Silly Key3 getting all frazzled without sleeeep for two days.




Oh, I looked for the transcript of the daily show where Stewart described what happened, that was so funny, but I can't really remember it because I hadn't seen the Crossfire episode yet. I love how his segment went when they showed all the "reporters" talking about how shocked they were Kerry brought up the fact that Cheney's daughter is a lesbian.


^Whoa that was a lot of capitalization, I need a nap.

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