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prismacolor markers


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Originally posted by Verse@Oct 19 2004, 06:29 AM

:king: Verse

I can't really use prismas

wah wah ohh well.

I don't know how to mix em or what colors to use.

Any advice, I would apreciate it ;)


best to have a blender.brick white also works fine.not all colors blend

well,so i suggest you experiment on a separate sheet before you fill

in your piece.

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Originally posted by KiLL Or DiE@Oct 16 2004, 06:41 PM

I like prismas....they got sum nice colors...


The first ones are my almost new set, the ones in the middle r my old ones and the last ones r my newest set...on top I have the prismas color pencil..RAW...and then my old set of color pencils... :king:




thats a fukload of markers...

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I'm giving up on Prismas-they are over priced and run out too quickly.

Letraset pros/trias are a little cheaper and last longer. Although the letrasets do have a huge seletion of colors to already choose from they also have the option to refill the felts after they run out which is cool because you can mix your own colors for refills.

Also I find that the fine tips on the prismas sometimes are already dried up when you buy them.

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Heres a new pic of my shit..I added 2 more sets of markers and 1 set of 120 color pencils...Good news to all the folks that trippin off the tip dryin on u..The new Prismas comes with a different thin tip..Its not like it used to be before...it wont dry up on u no more ;) I'll have a picture of it tomorrow ......




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Originally posted by katchkillah@Dec 24 2004, 09:53 AM

hey tre, here's my racked stash that i have had for just over 10 years since my last contribution to the stockpile. 98% of them still work. gotta love them old design markers. and i still couldn't find the design air gun for you, but still looking.





hell yeah...designs kick ass,especialy the bullet tip ones. i love the old style prismas too

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