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Originally posted by SKOTREL@Nov 16 2005, 08:33 AM

does anybody have any idea how this guy made this graphic ,its a gif so im guessing he cleaned it up in photoshop and then did it in illustrator...?




i dont know if someone aswered this, but it looks like a photoshop'd image, greyscale then halftone pattern filter-horizontal lines. just a guess.

that red portrait is HOT.

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Guest pom_one

alright ive enjoyed looking through this thread, ive not used illustrater for long and i am still strugling with its functions, but here is some of the stuff ive done that i'm the most happy with








thanks, Goonism

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Originally posted by BlackFlux@Jan 13 2006, 07:55 PM

I am just starting to mess with Illustrator, what's a good size to work with if you’re eventually going to print poster size.

just keep the file dimensions in proportion to the final out put.... i.e. 5"x 5" document w/ a 10"x10" final. As long as everything is vector and no placed PS documents your resolution will stay the same at any size.

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Originally posted by s.urkaleeno@Dec 1 2005, 04:47 PM

Thanks. After a few phone calls i realised it was that it's because I'm running the CS1

package on OSX tiger and there are some intergration issues. The only way to fix it is

to get CS2 or go back to Jaguar.....luckily I get software from work, so it's all good.



i think theres actually a setting in the clipboard prefs that will fix this for you

stupidly i believe that AIs new default clipboard setting makes in pdf compatible which fucks up the way it pastes into oterh bitmap apps... i had the same issue trying to paste paths into After effects.

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