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Price points on high-end denim?!

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I am really confused and need to figure out what is going on in here...

here are my older greasers that I wear probably 5 days a week, got a hole by the waist and another one by the cuff that I need to get repaired  

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3 hours ago, swif1 said:

Lmao yo. Definitely exchange them. Based on their chart, they do vanity sizing. If you're getting the 35's, definitely wear them around a little before soaking otherwise I'd go with the 36 if you want to be comfortable. 

i kind of test the sizing for sure when i wear them out the box


besides the initial excitement

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2 hours ago, swif1 said:

Lmao yo. Definitely exchange them. Based on their chart, they do vanity sizing.

No kidding. I did their measurement and conversion chart thing. It was originally telling me to buy 40s and I was like hells nah and sized down. I need to size down more.

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7 minutes ago, glorydays said:

i kind of test the sizing for sure when i wear them out the box


besides the initial excitement

True. I do the same hahah

Gauge how I will wear them > presoaked > measurements > soak > measurements wear them > see what length I want them hemmed to 


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1 minute ago, swif1 said:

¿Cómo? You mean shrinks up? New jeans, I measure before wearing. Then I measure again post soak to compare. 

for example the brave star's i got felt loose like it wasn't raw denim


after the soak the denim got really stiff and i was able to stand them up on their own

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19 hours ago, mr.yuck said:

These jeans were heavy af. Too bad they gotta go back. I would have to have an absolute dump truck to fill these out. Dont worry guys, I will stay raw.

By the time you find the right pair of raws, they're going to write some shit like bro wtf man make up your mind lmao


18 hours ago, LUGR said:

What happens if you soak raw denim in salt water?

Your olfactory sense will be hit with wonderful aromatics courtesy of the ocean and its inhabitants fecal matter coupled with the natural oils, sweat, and odor your body produced.


Imo it's the cringiest shit ever, bro. Rubbing sand against the jeans will help speed up the wear, no doubt. But soaking/washing? sigh I'm extremely self-conscious so I laugh at people talmbout:



I dOn'T sMeLL wHeN i SweAT


Just because you can't smell yourself doesn't mean other people can't either. I know there's some people who don't sweat as easy as others, but not the majority. It doesn't help the fact that I know someone who brags their girlfriend "doesn't notice" he smoked cigarettes before kissing or his shit don't stink when she goes down on him when he's geeked up on Adderall. She's a dentist and they aren't together anymore. Fuck, man. It took a while for me to suppress this shit and you got me in ten words hahah.


I find soaking your jeans in the ocean to be gimmicky. Unless you have access to a body of water that smells "good", it would be in your best interest to soak the jeans again when you get home, imo. I don't see any benefits with soaking jeans in ancient water or freezing jeans. The latter just makes the bacteria feel like they're throwed from that Sprite and Tussionex. Once they get to room temp, they'll just fire up the odor.


However, I suspect salt water removes oils from your jeans the same way it does your hair more effectively than a fresh water soak. If that's the case, I'll brine my jeans in the bathtub with Himalayan salt since the oils don't actually start extracting until half an hour to an hour later. I believe salt helps reduces dye loss too.

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laying out my sentences right
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@mr.yuckYou and me both. I only (sham)poo maybe once a week since I don't wear product working from home, but I rinse my hair at least twice a day.


Honestly, you shouldn't worry about six months of nonstop wear. I recommend soaking the jeans when they feel gross against your skin and/or smelly. When I realized my thighs were breaking out because of the oil my jeans collected, I threw that idea right out the fucking window and my legs were happy ever since. I'm the guy that washes his feet throughout the day and always before bed.


I think you'd really like a veg tanned leather belt. If you're into a one-man op, hit up Corter Leather. I think he hired two people a few years ago though, but still.


Here's my Tanner Goods natural. It's actually lighter irl. The middle part of the "S" I made...that patch of leather that's bright is from me hooking my carabiner into the belt loop. This is almost 4 years of wear since I don't wear it daily.



and here's what it looks like new lmao: https://www.tannergoods.com/collections/classic-belts/products/classic-belt-natural

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