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RI the next chapter...

Guest imported_SecretAgentX9

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3rd Annual Third Eye Open DVD


here is the ordering info for the DVD from the Third Eye Open...


1. by email at peacefirst@hotmail.com


2. by phone at 1-508-496-5108 or


3. by mail at 3RD EYE OPEN DVD

87 Walden St.

New Bedford, MA 02740



the DVD is 10.00 a piece or 60.00 for 10


any ordering questions please email or call ahead of time to avoid delays...



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FUCK fake-TERN,fuck rest,fuck phoe,fuck PTL crew you all suck and if your down with PTL fuck you too...if i ever catch any of you faggots in MY lay-up your gettin served...thats right i said MY lay-up...DBM took your spot...DBM runs shit out here... i aint talkin about battlin either...fake-tern thinks he's gangsta runnin little kids for paint... try that shit in N.B. kid...he might have all these little kids shook but i say he's a wanksta and he needs to stop frontin...i aint been online in a minute cuz i'm on the run (not for no punk ass graff case either)...but please believe if i catch these niggaz before the cops catch me shit is on...thank you have a nice day...


p.s. if you have something to say email me and we'll set this shit up



the DRAMA KING BIG TOMB DBM-DOA-NBCity for life kid...

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Originally posted by BIGMETALCIRCUS

what works for me is, when ****, ****, and all those other guys come to OUR layup... and theres no room, its solved very easily and sometimes free fills are provided. edited because it is better when it is a surprise.

my name fits in there be specific. dont get your self into something you dont want too

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Re: dude camaaaaaaan...


Originally posted by brian fellow

you guys are arguing about freights........ honestly...


ha! "yo that ill scratchin dj type nigga be illin with his fine ass pedicured feet! dayaaamn"

nah just saying he should just name names cuz i be damned if i see his name over me

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Re: By the way


Originally posted by JIMINYLUMMOX

HENSE is in atlanta the hence in RI sucks the big one he's a shitter

you are stupid. rhode island is a shitty state, you seem misinformed. whatever i'm not trying to start shit at all,this is only the fucking internet..,.,weed. nice atlanta pride...."atl whut whut".,.wee.,d
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3rd Eye Open DVD


The DVD is available in RI at these locations


1. Off The Hook Records in Poamlands Mall in Pawtucket and in Warwick on Warwick Ave.


2. Phunky Stuff on Park Ave. in Cranston


3. It's All Good on Chalkstone Ave. in Prov.


Thank You for your support!!!

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heres some stuff i think it was done at that rhode island cool place.. or so i was told..






http://im1.shutterfly.com/procserv/47b2cc24b3127cce92d4553e67ba0000001410'>feelin the vapors on this jawn

http://im1.shutterfly.com/procserv/47b2cc24b3127cce92d4553be68f0000001410'> whoa dood must do alot of drugs.. whoa... trippy.





less bitching more pictures...

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