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My Rage.. Top 5

A.K.A. Top 5

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Rage, where are you?


Top 5'in it...


1) Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World


2) Give Up The Ghost - And It's Sometimes Like It Will Never End


3) Give Up The Ghost - AEIOU


4) Tears For Fears - Head Over Heels


5) A Fire Inside - God Called In Sick Today



The Crew

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5: Reach The Sky - Twentythree


4: Indecision - To Live and Die in New York City


3: Cannibal Ox - Raspberry fields


2: Sabac - Speak Militant


1: Trial - Reflections




| Cannibal Ox - Cold Vein CD


|| Mr. Dibbs - Turntable Hardcore Vol 1 CD


||/ Ill Bill - Whats Wrong With Bill CD


|||} Highway overpasses and tunnels.

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I'm only coming back for this T5 and one more post in the Photo thread.

I'm getting sick of 12oz.




?ˆ Saosin - Lost Symphonies

?ˆ?ˆ Drowningman - Kiss The Canvas

?ˆ?ˆ?ˆ Iron & Wine - Naked As We Came

?ˆ?ˆ?ˆ?ˆ Saosin - Translating The Name

?ˆ?ˆ?ˆ?ˆ?ˆ?ˆ Finch - Ender

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arcel you bastard. orion is probably my favorite song ever. i listened to just that song for almost a year straight.


1. orion - metallica

2. promises- megadeth

3. hold up - rasco

4. paparazzi(remix) - xzibit, canibus, 2pac

5. blood in blood out - jedi mind



most currently played songs:


1. blood runs cold (instrumental) - jedi mind

2. raw is war - jedi mind

3. definition of ill - peanut butter wolf

4. tibetan black magic - canibus, vinnie paz

5. triumph(instrumental) - wu-tang clan


also, glik's, i dl that rasberry fields song just now. great stuff.

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[*]gatita's drum & bass ragga mix she sent me--- empty bottle

[*]leftover crack - s.t.i

[*]moldy peaches- wheres the crack

[*]sugar ray- big black woman...from their only good album lemonade and brownies

[*]sage francis- any sage francis song





rilo kiley


...my chemical romance...yea whatever so its emo..fuck you

cannibal ox

mf doom

nas illmatic

bel biv devoe

the dark crystal soundtrack

joss stone

that twista badunkadunk song over and over and over

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top 5


1. Boosie & Webbie - You aint bout what you be talkin bout


2. Fingerbangerz - Soul in Love


3. Big Tuck - U need it ft 5050 Twin and B.G.


4. Lil Cali - How you feel?


5. D-Styles and Ned Hoddings - Bastard Language Tour 2004 album





1. Dj Craze and Klever - Scratch Nerdz album


2. Mike Boo and Ricci Rucker - Tastebud Development album

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