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like the saul goode post from awhile back. ham and eggers and what not.

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obeyWeezer: hello.

obeyWeezer: I got your screen name from 12ozprophet.

TinFoilTVAntenna: heh, you hardcore kiddies

TinFoilTVAntenna: who are ya any who?

obeyWeezer: I am from Detroit.

obeyWeezer: you don't know me.

obeyWeezer: are you a writer?

TinFoilTVAntenna: i meant on 12 oz

TinFoilTVAntenna: yeah, i am... that's why i'm on 12.. you?

obeyWeezer: I am...

obeyWeezer: AudiWon

TinFoilTVAntenna: ok

TinFoilTVAntenna: what's goin on

obeyWeezer: not much.

obeyWeezer: where are you from?

obeyWeezer: what do you write.

obeyWeezer: ??

TinFoilTVAntenna: ha ha... you hammers dont mess around do ya?

obeyWeezer: what?

obeyWeezer: how old are you?

TinFoilTVAntenna: i dont really write

TinFoilTVAntenna: i just say i do to get girls at raves

obeyWeezer: shut up.

obeyWeezer: your kidding right?

TinFoilTVAntenna: sorry to dissappoint you

TinFoilTVAntenna: do you like exstacy?

obeyWeezer: never tried it.

TinFoilTVAntenna: i took it once and i just sat there rubbing the ground for 3 hours because it felt so good

TinFoilTVAntenna: i even burnt my self w/ ciggarettes because it felt good

obeyWeezer: oh my.

TinFoilTVAntenna: then some 15 year old girl pulled down her pants and started grinding against my shoulder... it was so surreal, dude!!

TinFoilTVAntenna: you should try it man

obeyWeezer: no way.

TinFoilTVAntenna: why not?

TinFoilTVAntenna: dont be a pussy

obeyWeezer: o.k.

TinFoilTVAntenna: so do you bomb a lot?

obeyWeezer: not alot.

obeyWeezer: some though.

obeyWeezer: I did last night,

obeyWeezer: me and my friend did a rooftop.

TinFoilTVAntenna: do you have flicks

obeyWeezer: they aren't developed yet.

obeyWeezer: I have to take them to school to scan them.

obeyWeezer: do you have any?

obeyWeezer: I think you paint.

obeyWeezer: and you are just telling me a lie.

TinFoilTVAntenna: no

TinFoilTVAntenna: i just have sketches

TinFoilTVAntenna: and marker tags

obeyWeezer: oh.

TinFoilTVAntenna: i like to tag

TinFoilTVAntenna: it's such a rush

TinFoilTVAntenna: i was doing a tag in the bathroom once, and the princiPal walked in right after

obeyWeezer: oh.

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Guest imported_Tesseract

He contacted me to.

Asking the same questions.

He went straight to my ignore list.

If you click the 'info' on him,he'll be in yours to...believe me


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Guest imported_SecretAgentX9

no ham just eggs.

but not green.

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