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The Kerry-Bush debate thread •_•_• Debate no. 1

Poop Man Bob

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v 1: belittle; "Don't belittle his influence" [syn: minimize, belittle,


2: charge falsely or with malicious intent; attack the good

name and reputation of someone; "The journalists have

defamed me!" The article in the paper sullied my

reputation" [syn: defame, slander, smirch, asperse,

calumniate, smear, sully, besmirch]

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Originally posted by seeking

actually, this nuclear business is way worse than just us continuing to build nuclear weapons, what we're working on is small nuclear weapons FOR PRACTICAL USE. not to have as a last resort, and not to have just for intimidation, but to actually use on an enemy.

that is fucked beyond belief.


...that's exactly what i was getting at...the only thing that has prevented another world war has been the stalemate created by nuclear weapons...it's a game...we can't use them and neither can anyone else...building weopns merely allows other nations to play along...the minute that we started developing practical nuclear weopns that whole game changed...and if we do develop and test these small nukes we will all of a sudden be winning a very scary game of us against the world...i might have my facts a little mixed up...but i believe that it was prior to 9/11 that bush broke the nuclear test ban treaty inorder to begin developing these weapons...this is seriously scary as hell...

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...that reminds me...did anyone hear mcain talking after the debate about how well kerry did?...he was supposed to go on shows and do interviews to promote bush...but he got on there and told everyone how good kerry was...i'm gonna bet we won't hear much from him after the next debate...

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Guest Catch22
Originally posted by porque

...that reminds me...did anyone hear mcain talking after the debate about how well kerry did?...he was supposed to go on shows and do interviews to promote bush...but he got on there and told everyone how good kerry was...i'm gonna bet we won't hear much from him after the next debate...


In 2000, McCain had George W. on the ropes and South Carolina was the do-or-die state. Flyers appeared from thin air alleging that McCain had a black child (he and his wife had adopted a Bangladeshi daughter from an orphanage there). Other fliers said McCain was the "fag candidate." Rumors swirled that McCain’s time in a North Vietnamese prison camp had left him unstable and downright crazy - again, hitting at the opponent's greatest strength. Other rumors were that his wife was a drug addict. Nice stuff, and none of it had Bush’s inky fingerprints on it.


At an event with Bush, a vet from some fringe group accused McCain of abandoning veterans. That really set McCain off and he demanded an apology from Bush. Bush simply said that he believed McCain "served our country nobly." That’s what he says about Kerry now. Above the fray, clean hands, patrician.


Soon after that, a mysterious group dumped $2 million into ads in more liberal New York attacking McCain’s environmental record and boosting Bush's. Eventually, it turned out the ads were bankrolled by a big Bush donor named Sam Wyly. No Bush fingerprints there either.



I'm surprised Mccain backs him at all. I guess he has to back his party.

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Originally posted by Poop Man Bob


haha. awesome.


that whole thing was a point kerry really could have hammered bush on. once bush kept coming back to kerry 'denegrating' the 'coalition', and reminding him of poland, kerry should slammed him with 'you're right, i did forget poland, i also somehow forgot the the solomon and marshall islands, palau and micronesia, all who gave....absolutely nothing! i had forgotten about costa rica too, but since they decided even the NOTHING they were giving us was too much, and dropped out, they don't really matter now."

if kerry was allowed to call bush out, it would get really funny, really quick. we all saw how bush completely fell to shit by the end of the debate, and that was after just giving his only ideas, if he had to answer questions or respond to specific allegations by kerry, his head would explode.

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Damn! All these pages

i tried to get on here last night while I was watching it, but I couldnt tear myself away. These things should have commercials.

"What?! Of coarse I know Osama Bin Laden attacked us!!!"

I have a feeling Bush was scribbling nasty things about John Kerry during the debate.

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Found this in my inbox. Have fun.


  • Why Bush Won the First Debate
    I must admit that I am surprised by poll results showing that a majority of
    voters state that they feel that John Kerry won the debate. However, I feel
    that my assessment will be proven correct in the long run.
    John Kerry said in the debate that his plan to end the war in Iraq can be
    found on his website. However, his website states that his actual plan is
    to get other countries to contribute more troops to Iraq. This is obviously
    a silly idea. The other countries are in Iraq now just to get a piece of
    the pie that America is carving out. As soon as America pulls out, the
    other countries will pull out too.
    Here is what the Kerry website states at
"Persuade NATO to make the security of Iraq one of its global missions and
to deploy a portion of the force needed to secure and win the peace in Iraq."
So, John Kerry plans to bring peace to Iraq by sending more troops there. I
wonder how many voters understand that.
I am the first to agree that the War in Iraq is going badly and is going to
get worse. George Bush cannot afford to admit this. However, Kerry's
solution to get other countries to send their troops to Iraq to replace
American troops is just silly.
Kerry made a lot of stupid statements in the debate. For example:
We had Saddam Hussein trapped.
Pretty funny. Saddam Hussein was "trapped" prior to the US invasion? Saddam
Hussein was as happy as a clam. The money he was reaping off of the United
Nations Food for Oil Program was making Saddam Hussein the richest man in
the world.
Unfortunately, he escaped in the mountains of Tora Bora. We had him
surrounded. But we didn't use American forces, the best trained in the
world, to go kill him.
This statement is stupid because there is no evidence that Osama bin Laden
was in Tora Bora. Sending American forces in to go kill him would just have
gotten a lot more American soldiers killed.
Bush replied: "The killer the mastermind of the September 11th attacks,
Khalid Sheik Mohammed, is in prison."
This reference always gets me because I knew Khalid Sheik Mohammad back in
1982 when he was a student at North Carolina Technical College. This always
reminds me of the famous line from the old Japanese War movies, where the
Japanese villain says: "I was educated in your country."
we don't have enough troops there.
Here, Kerry calls for more troops in Iraq, as though that will solve the
The president hasn't put one nickel, not one nickel into the effort to fix
some of our tunnels and bridges and most exposed subway systems. That's why
they had to close down the subway in New York when the Republican
Convention was there. We hadn't done the work that ought to be done.
Another ridiculous statement. The New York City subway system, the Long
Island Railroad and the Amtrak lines of the old Penn Central Railroad all
run directly under Madison Square Garden where the Republican National
Convention was held. These railroad lines were built by Sam Sloan. A plan
to fortify these areas to make them invulnerable to terrorist attack would
have cost more than 10 billion dollars. It would probably have been
impossible to achieve in any event. Where would that 10 billion dollars
have come from? It would have been better to hold the convention in a
remote area, like Death Valley Days. If Kerry would have spent 10 billion
dollars on his plan to fortify Madison Square Garden, imagine the other
expenditures he will make.
North Korea has got nuclear weapons. Talk about mixed messages. The
president is the one that said, "We can't allow countries to get nuclear
weapons." They have. I'll change that.
This is the sort of ridiculous statement John Kerry often makes. He says
that he will stop North Korea and other countries from obtaining nuclear
weapons. How does he plan to do that? He does not say. How does he plan to
disarm North Korea, unless he plans to invade and start another Korean War?
There's only 25 percent of the people in there. They can't have an
election right now.
Here John Kerry implies that he plans to cancel the elections in Iraq
scheduled for January 2005 because only 25% of Iraqis are registered to
vote. However, here in America it regularly happens that less than 25% of
the eligible voters vote. If Kerry really plans to cancel the Iraq
elections, this is a serious problem. The Vietnam War started when
President Eisenhower cancelled the elections in Viet Nam. Kerry probably
does not know much about VietNam history.
the Pottery Barn rule: If you break it, you fix it.
Everybody knows that the Pottery Barn Rule is: "If you break it, you own
it" (and you have to pay for it).
Question: "Can you give us specifics, in terms of a scenario, time lines,
et cetera, for ending major U.S. military involvement in Iraq?"
KERRY: The time line that I've set out and again, I want to correct the
president, because he's misled again this evening on what I've said. I
didn't say I would bring troops out in six months.
Here, Kerry failed to answer this direct and very important question.
Instead, he meandered around by telling us what he did not say.
You have to close the borders.
Another stupid remark. Iraq is flat, open, barren desert. It is impossible
to close the borders. We cannot even close the border between the US and
Saddam Hussein would have been continually weakening.
It is obvious that Saddam Hussein was not getting any weaker. To the
contrary, the United Nations was under pressure to drop the sanctions
altogether. Saddam Hussein was about to win. There is no reason to believe
that further delays or another United Nations resolution would have brought
Saddam Hussein to heel.
Thirty-five to forty countries in the world had a greater capability of
making weapons at the moment the president invaded than Saddam Hussein.
Sure. Of course. All of the countries of Europe and all of the former
republics of the Soviet Union had greater capacity to make nuclear weapons
than Saddam Hussein had. However, those other countries do not have the
history of attacking other countries and of killing their own people that
Saddam Hussein had.
in my plan, I add two active duty divisions to the United States Army, not
for Iraq
Here, Kerry says that he wants to increase the size of the US Military. I
do not think that many voters want that. I certainly do not.
No president, though all of American history, has ever ceded, and nor
would I, the right to preempt in any way necessary to protect the United
States of America. But if and when you do it, Jim, you have to do it in a
way that passes the test, that passes the global test where your
countrymen, your people understand fully why you're doing what you're doing
and you can prove to the world that you did it for legitimate reasons.
Here, Kerry states that we can only make a preemptive strike to defend
ourselves if we can pass a "global test" and prove to the world that we did
it for legitimate reasons. How are we supposed to prove this to the world?
In a court of law? What exactly is the Global Test that we are supposed to
pass? Is it a multiple choice test or an essay test? Kerry is going to get
hurt on this one.
we could never allow another Rwanda.
Kerry's plan is to become the policeman of the world. Do the voters really
understand what he is saying?
Bush said: "I won't hold it against him that he went to Yale. There's
nothing wrong with that."
In case anybody missed this one-liner, it is a joke. George W. Bush and
John Kerry both went to Yale.
BUSH: I'm trying to put a leash on them.
Here, George W. Bush tries to make light of the fact that he has been
having trouble because of the tendency of his two daughters to be arrested
for getting drunk in public and messing around with drugs and boys.
he's not acknowledging the realities of North Korea
It is obviously John Kerry who is not acknowledging the realities of North
Korea. He keeps saying that the North Koreas will become really nice to us.
All we need to do is talk to them in private.
I know exactly what we need to do in Iraq, and my position has been
consistent: Saddam Hussein is a threat. He needed to be disarmed. We needed
to go to the U.N. The president needed the authority to use force in order
to be able to get him to do something, because he never did it without the
threat of force.
This is the real problem with John Kerry. He admits that Saddam Hussein was
a threat. However, then he says that the president needed the authority to
disarm him. What authority did the President of the United States need to
defend us against a threat. Did he need a permission slip from Russia? From
We could have bilateral talks with Kim Jong Il. And we can get those
weapons at the same time
Perhaps the most stupid statement of all by John Kerry. He imagines that
all we have to do is agree to talk to the North Koreans and then they will
give us all their nuclear weapons. Has Kerry ever heard of the Korean War?
On the substantive issues, Bush clearly won the debate. I am surprised that
the polls show that Kerry won. True, Kerry had a more impressive hair-do,
is taller, speaks better and looks more presidential than Bush. However, I
do not believe that these factors will lead anybody to change their minds
and to vote for Kerry.
I believe that the polls merely show that Kerry won on speaking style and
presentation. Bush leads on believability, sincerity and substance. Does
anybody really believe Kerry's claims that he could just waive his magic
wand and end the threats posed by North Korea, Iran and Iraq?
Sam Sloan
920 Belmont Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11208

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"These railroad lines were built by Sam Sloan. "

Sam Sloan

920 Belmont Avenue

Brooklyn NY 11208


wait, the same guy who brought us modern mass transportation is also the guy who wrote this (completely horseshit) 'rebuttle'?!


honestly, i dont even know why you posted that shit. if he had made valid arguments against what kerry said, i would have happily admitted that kerry made mistakes, but that was just a whole load of poppy-cock.



"BUSH: I'm trying to put a leash on them.


Here, George W. Bush tries to make light of the fact that he has been

having trouble because of the tendency of his two daughters to be arrested

for getting drunk in public and messing around with drugs and boys. "


the motherfucker can't even keep his daughters in line, and we're supposed to believe he can keep the world inline?! ohhhhhhh kkkkkkkkkk.

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Originally posted by T=E=A=S=E


you have to admit though, that kind of -on the spot- debating is not easy at all. for either person. and once again, kerry was much smoother over all.



that's the thing, it's VERY tough to really be 'quick on your feet' like that, but I would expect the President of the US to be one hell of an extraordinary man. Apparently Bush is very likeable when you meet him in real life, but I think Clinton would just kill every president except for maybe Kennedy in the popularity contests.


Is it too much to ask that a GREAT man will be the leader of a great nation?

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