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word...ill check them out..i right near pink Es in westminister co.



what kind of music do they play and.......do you suppose they would let MY band play with them at pink E's?


i can send you my demo...crazed experimental teck metal...



any way.ill deff go see them and give thems the heads up of you....



but it would be sooo mutch cooler if my band played with them..and then at the show i be like...yo...frate got us this gig..he be cool...thus a great time wouls ensue...and many beers..huRAH..not gonna happen:lol:

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Originally posted by Frate Raper

21 - Lumberton - Texas - @ The Used Music Store

22 - Harlingen - Texas - @ Flair's Hop Shop

23 - TBA - Texas - @ TBA ************

24 - El Paso - Texas - @ Moontime Pizza


what the hell is that?

what about dallasft worth austin san antonio houston...lubbock for chrissake


where the hell is lumberton? harlingen? sheesh

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If any one could get them more shows while on the road email me.I will hook it up and make sure you get yours too....maybe not in money but i got more paint then a home depot ya heard! I will be iupdating all dates to remind you fucks and be annoying enough to make you go!



When in a band your dates will always be fucked, esspecialy being from CANADA, it's hard to get a work visa as a band, it's hard to get dates that make sense such as in order of state and city, it's hard to break out and be well known with out touring like this.


I've gone to sleep in toronto and been in another city hours apon hours away, with 5 guys driving sleeping/stopping doesn't happen.



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is that thing still on for chicaco?












eh fuck it..i'll just greyhound it and go painting in the deepest darkest chicago ghetto wearing a neon green ninja suit with hot pink shurikens velcrowed to a neon yellow belt..



this is how real thugs get down

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