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Hobos, Tramps and Homeless Bums


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Hmm. now I'm being accused of a crime? Now I really know this guy is an asshole, My constant attack? I don't even bother with a loser like you. As I have said, I have ridden in the past, I may do so in the future, but I really don't care to right now. As to advise I give it's from my experiences. Since you have never attended the convention in Britt you have no clue what goes on there so just shut the fuck up, smoke your dope, and kiss my ass fool.

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Frank Flat Car Kelley is a loser as a Motorcyclist. also. Better stich to SOLID STATE DEVICES, Frank. Life is beyond your abilities...


And Frank, no offense, but I have a confirmation from someone at a checkpoint that talked to you that you told them you were doing the best you could, but you knew you were off route. That is also a fact. They recognized you in the Homer paper and laughed saying you had said you weren't on route. Sorry man, doesn't hold water. Any of it.

IFrank Kelly, or at least someone who claimed to be Kelly, disputed the “photo finish” decision that ruled him out of the money. Kelly and Barclay had been in a heat for the finish and agreed to cross the finish line together and split the prize. Durham announced, however, that there could only be one winner, and that winner was Barclay because Kelly had been disqualified. have a bit of heartburn with alot of people saying I was disqualified or that I disqualified myself, no such thing happened. My name is on offical checkpoint sheet. The reason I was told by Jim “Red Cloud” Durham that Will was the winner and we couldn’t split the pot is that the Hoka Hey Organizers said that there could only be one winner and in their “photo finish” Will’s tire was a couple of inches ahead of mine. I haven’t seen the picture yet. I was told from Jim “Red Cloud” Durham that if Will didn’t pass his polygraph then I was next in line to have to take it. I am not sure where this info is coming from but someone is getting lied too.



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No idea why P.W. had a sawed-off in his gear.


In Texas, if you are armed with a deadly weapon, it changes a regular misdemeanor "Simple Trespassing" charge into a felony "Criminal Trespassing" charge, if the cops want to be dicks about it. In P.W.'s case, for some reason he must have pissed the cops off somehow and they threw the book at him.


In some states one cannot carry a pistol around on your person, but carrying a shotgun is legal, even a sawed-off shotgun, as long as meets Federal regulations and law, and it is at least 26" overall length (OAL) and the barrel(s) are over 18 inches, measured internally with the breech closed and locked.


What the BATFE does is drop a certified length steel rod down the bore and pass a straight edge like a knife blade) over the muzzle. If the straight edge touches the steel rod, the barrel is illegally short.


With rifles, the shortest legally permissable barrel length is 16", and shortest permissable OAL is 26".


A few years ago, "bundling weed" was a common way some tramps made a living--transporting a few pounds of marijuana from one place to another by riding frieghts. There's probably a few here and there that still do that, but law enforcement scrutiny has gotten so much worse because of all the criminal activity that it seems like it would be a pretty hazardous way to make a dollar. I think it would be a lot easier to just drive it in a car or something.


And P.W. is a pretty rough customer. Maybe he just had some enemies out there.

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That was just a knee jerk response to something I found unbelievable. For all I know, maybe was a hunter, maybe he was Racindez-Ramirez or Sidetrack. Just seems like a bonehead move.


We all make our choices and should be willing to stand by them, good or bad.

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Well, whatever reason he had for packing a sawed-off in his bindle, he spent six months locked up in Wisconsin. I think once they realized the shotgun was actually legal, they figured they would not get a jury to send him up for a long stretch for what is essentially a non-violent offense. I think six months is a lot longer than he probably would have received for just possession of a shotgun while trespassing on railroad property.

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psssh. it aint that bad. unless you make a dumb move and go ride from tx to cali via up or something dumb. who would do that in the middle of summer? oh yeah. we did. DUMB.



where you at crackrock? me and a couple of friends are heading east out of texas in less than a week only going out for about a month but if youre somewhere between here and east of here maybe we can meet up or something. who knows.

i gotta aquire a fucking mosquito net asap!

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I live in Houston, but I haven't been "homeless" (I loathe that word) here since 1974. I arrived back from Chicago with my girlfriend that September. I crashed at a friend's house for a week until I could get a job as a nail driver building apartments and the first paycheck I made I moved into a house with my girlfriend and a couple of roommates.


This time, I got here from up north in 1989, and I've pretty much had a place to live ever since. Living outdoors is a choice. Once I had a wife and family, it's a condition of life that I strived to avoid--- successfully, I'm happy to say.


People choose how they live. The idea that anybody is strictly a victim of circumstances is hogwash.


I got hurt pretty bad in a motorcycle accident in 1983. I was out of work and on Unemployment for about six months. I chose to ride a motorcycle. I knew it was dangerous, although I didn't know exactly how dangerous it really is (for the curious of mind out here, it's 35 times more dangerous than driving a car. I still love motorcycles, but I don't ride in Houston because the average driver here can't drive worth a damn and they kill motorcycle riders with great regularity.)


Anybody who doesn't want to be "homeless" needs to plan a course of action that has as its objective a good education or trade; strictly avoiding debt; a thrifty, frugal lifestyle accompanied by an aggressive saving and investment strategy; and behavior that reduces most risks of being seriously injured or (God forbid) disabled.


I've had a number of friends and acquaintances that got killed or disabled in drunk driving accidents, motorcycle wrecks, surfing accidents and so on, but the biggest killer of tramps is smoking cigarettes and drinking to excess.


The girlfriend with whom I returned to Texas was murdered by her landlady's shitbag ex-convict son in 1989, but even that contained an element of choice. She lived in a shitty neighborhood by choice and she did not take steps to ensure that other people could not get into her apartment with a spare key.


When I move into a new place, my very first act is to replace all locks and make sure the windows can be secured. My girlfriend's murderer gained entry with a spare door key, which he probably took from his mother's key rack. But even this insecure of a living situation is safer than living totally on the street.


If you are living totally on the street, you are much safer if you are part of a group that sticks together and looks out for one another. Just be sure that taking care of each other doesn't morph into predating on the rest of the world--no stealing, no robbing, no ripping people off. Be a person of character and principle. Take responsibility for yourself and your family, and also or your life choices. Nobody owes us anything. Each of us is responsible for making his or her own living, and doing so in a way that does not harm others.

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I rode through Houston, and it was no good. Had a Aryan Brother, or so he claimed, ask to "sleep" with me under a bridge. I respectfully declined, and he left and I never seen him again.


i met a few of them wile in houston and alot of other gangs the few i met where on crack and meth pretty bad i met them a church under the bridge is what they called it never seen anything like that be for lol

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