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Hobos, Tramps and Homeless Bums

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Just checking in.  Looks like this thread is pretty dead--not much traffic.   I am thinking about heading to Salt Lake City.  Anybody live out there?

Some crazy rando on the side of the tracks playing with his nipple piercings in 35 degree weather. 

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New York Maggie, Slim Tim and Connecticut Shorty, all children of the late and famous hobo, Connecticut Slim. Tim manages a gas station. Maggie and Shorty travel all over the U.S. in a small, van-based motor home, working wherever they stop, usually at motor home parks and places like that. The two sisters are retired from the careers they had as working adults.



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Pickin' and grinnin' at the jungle in Britt. Graincar George on far left (with drums), Banjo Rik Palieri, unidentified, unidentified. On the wall in the background is a picture of Stretch leading Burlington Dog on a leash.



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The irrespressible Dante Fuchwa, of the Boxcar Boys Ranch. He rode the rails since he was demobilized at the end of the Vietnam War. He is a VERY funny guy, but also a very tough guy, and nobody to fuck around with. He was a LRRP in Vietnam.




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Taz leading the charge on the "Opening of the Boxcar" before the official Convention starts. This requires five or six strong men, as it has been sealed since the previous August. Preacher Steve of the Boxcar Boys Ranch stands to Taz' left.



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Liberty Justice ® and an unidentified saw player. This guy is a great guitar player and singer, but he destroyed his lungs smoking cigarettes and now he has to take an oxygen bottle everywhere he goes. He says "Hey, kids, DON'T SMOKE CIGARETTES." Or anything else for that matter.



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Entertainment in the jungle at Britt. Danville Dan (seated), The Baloney Kid from Sandwich, Illinois (guitar) and his bass player whose name escapes me right now. Dan was living in his car up at Britt. He had removed the passenger seat and was sleeping on a couple of wooden pallets covered with cardboard. He was selling walking sticks for $3 to raise money for gas and singing for a share of the "passed hat" in the jungle.



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You motherfuckers are so gay following the footsteps of a Hobo bum crusted son a bitch that does nothing for this country.

You kids a corny,stupid,ignorant,queers,idiots for bieng part of this tread....

p.s Kebeber mis bolas to the 3rd, shut the fuck up annoying asshole...

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Mello--What part of Massachusetts are you in? The main route east-west is the CSX line that runs from Boston to Worcester to Springfield to Albany, NY; to Syracuse to Rochester to Buffalo and down the Lake to Cleveland, Ohio. I wouldn't go south from Boston, personally, but that's just me. "Go west," that's my advice.


Anybody that finds my posts, opinions or beliefs annoying is certainly free to go elsewhere. Last time I looked, this thread was clearly marked. If ya don't like it, don't come here and then it won't bother you. Some people just love to make themselves unhappy. What a waste of time and effort. (Let's see, where is that "Ignore" button again?)

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While looking into the effects of diesel exhaust on human beings, in terms of being stuck on a train within a tunnel, I came across the following surprising information:


"Another quote from the technical literature summarizes much of what can be found there. The following is from an American essay by Dennis S. Lachtman, Director for Health Engineering for the EIMCO Mining Machinery company in a section subtitled: "NO significant human hazard seen in over 20 studies."

"A number of studies evaluating human response to exposure of Diesel have included experience among Diesel bus workers, Diesel railroad workers, and metal and non-metal miners working with Diesel production equipment and underground. There are more than 20 human health studies involving working populations exposed to Diesel exhaust emissions. As can be seen from a careful review of these studies, NO SIGNIFICANT health hazards have been associated with exposures to Diesel exhaust emissions.

More recently, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has reported on epidemiological studies it has performed in underground mines. One of these studies included an MSHA and NIOSH joint study of the relationship between the underground environments in 22 metal and non-metal mines looking at the health of more than 5000 miners. This comprehensive study focuses on the health effects of both silica dust and other substances including those found in Diesel exhaust. The researchers reported that the data showed an ABSENCE of harmful effects from Diesel exhaust."


A major engineering textbook from 1998, which should contain just about everything one needs to know about Diesel emissions. is entitled: Handbook of Air Pollution from Internal Combustion Engines with the subtitle Pollutant Formation and Control. The book is co-authored by a dozen of the world's leading experts on automotive emissions. It should be an excellent source of information on precisely how one might kill people with Diesel exhaust. But in the entire 550 page book, which is rather typical of all other books one can find on this subject, there was only one sentence relevant to our subject.


"Although carbon monoxide (CO) emissions are regulated, they will not be considered here, as the Diesel engine combustion process by definition inhibits the production of CO."

In other words, the toxic effects from carbon monoxide in Diesel exhaust, including long-term effects, were just not worth bothering with as a pollutant of any kind.


The contaminants in diesel exhaust which smells so bad are called aldehydes, to which human beings are very sensitive and which can be detected by the human nose in very low concentrations. This odor is distressing, but not very harmful. Even at the greatest concentrations of diesel exhaust caused by engines operating under maximum load, it would require several hours of exposure to diesel exhaust to inhale enough carbon monoxide to hurt you. Diesel exhaust contains a great deal of oxygen that is not burned in the combustion process, and rather low concentrations of carbon monoxide. So whle being exposed to a heavy concentration of diesel exhaust is quite unpleasant, it is not very likely at all to actually kill someone, and certainly not within a time period of several hours.

This is NOT TRUE of gasoline engines, whose exhaust contains a high percentage of carbon monoxide and very little unburned oxygen, and which will kill one pretty quickly. It is also not true of coal smoke, which also contains a high percentage of carbon monoxide.


The bottom line is that wet bandanas and breathing through the sleeve of your jacket is a fairly effective way of eliminating the suspended SMOKE PARTICLES out of the air you would breathe while on board a freight train in a tunnel. A Mine Safety Administration (MSA) smoke/dust mask would probably work even better.

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