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Graffiti world book!


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Guest diggity
Originally posted by diggity@Oct 22 2004, 02:10 PM

i just got an email saying this has been delayed until January, anyone else find that out?



shipped yesterday, should have it end of the week or begining of next. :privateeye:

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  • 2 weeks later...

i finally got a peek!

the highlights are:

stay high 149




tcf crew


shame and sketch


porno stars




tilt and fafi

fra 32


123 klan

ts5 cru

tats persue

3a crew.

I cant figure out if they tried to have exclusive flicks or its mostly people with websites thats incl...personally i think theres alot of wack styles and some who didnt deserve to be part of this book!but i leave that up to the editor!

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Originally posted by oysterboy@Oct 29 2004, 03:57 AM

Play.com have two versions - one for £14.99 and one's £37.49...







Not sure what the difference between the two is though - any ideas? I've ordered from Play.com before and they're reliable... free delivery too.


yo looks like hte more expensive one is the "boxed set" whatever the fuck that is

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i boosted this book 2 weeks ago, its alright.. alot of street artists.. alot of euro crap... alot of obscure writers that are legitimately good though...and not enough bombing heads... in sumation... -"lots of pretty colors, not lots of what i like..." b-........ leaning towards the "graffiti is an artform" crowd in contrast to the "graffiti is a crime plain an simple so fuck you" crowd........

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Guest kidlugz

to be honest, this book isn't that good. yes, there are tons of glossy pages and worldwide coverage but ALOT of the content is questionable. Not to mention the author seems kind of clueless judging by the captions. the majority of this book appears to be legal walls and productions, with some freights and cleans thrown in here and there. i think fans of graffiti would hold this book in high regard, while many writers will probably scoff at the corny writing and lack of well rounded coverage. and i'll second big poppa k's comments. way to many ill canadian writers got the shaft.

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i guess i side with the majority, i beat the book from a local store and after skimming through it im glad i didnt buy it. in my opinion its not completly wack they do have some shit, but it seems its stuff ive seen already, for the size of it it should have more writers than it does.

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