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from modeltrainsweathered.com out of the "ICH Graffiti" topic



Jeff, They (Railwire) should know that summer months are hard for a lot model railroaders, too much going on. As always a few guys say they're going to do a car, but never show up.


Has anyone ever seen anyone putting graffiti on a car. All my years of travel, from PA to Seattle, I've never seen it happen. I think I stopped some one time. Three college kids came around a string of hopper cars in Gettysburg, and when they saw me taking pictures, they turned around and left. One of them had a backpack on, and when I came back the next morning there was graffiti on a hopper car that wasn't there before.


I'd like to know what ICH does for a living also. He or she are waisting there talents. Being in the sign business, I love to see it, even though it is wrong. Some of the design these people come up with are incredible.


Butch Eyler/sw1000b






It's probably some 32 year old loser who never moved out of his

mommy's house. Ooops, if I offended an graffiti artists here, that

was completely intentional. Hehe. Personally, I don't think being

an artist "under pressure" would be any fun. Most of the graffiti

you see (not all) is complete though. Still, the thought of creating

art and being alert to authorities at the same time...just doesn't

seem like the optimal creative environment.


Jeff (MrKLUKE)




yes, even model railroaders know how to HATE!!



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