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What the fuck is on my neck?

Poop Man Bob

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there is this one guy who works at a law firm that at the beginning he had this one bug bite or something on his face that he kept scratchin at. he kept scratchin at it and eventually it spread almost through his entire face and head. i havent seen him but i hear that if you stand behind him, you can literally smell his rotting flesh.

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Guest !!! SUB DUDE

okay, all these retarded guesses are pissing me off.....ringworm? impetaigo? HERPES???


i am pretty confident (as in, realistically, 80% sure) that you have poison ivy/oak/sumac.


i am HIGHLY allergic to poison ivy, and although i haven't gotten in in several years (hmmm, is it possible to build immunity?), i vividly remember what it looked like in all of its stages. im pretty fucking sure that that is what's on your neck.


soooo.....don't scratch it! as tempting as it may be, this will open the rash, allowing the oils (which cause the itchy, inflamed breakout) to spread via fingertips. if you do catch yourself scratching, wash your hands immediately. seriously...i've gotten poison ivy, scratched it, touched an article of clothing, the breakout passed, and then i RELAPSED from touching the contaminated clothing. no joke. i'm highly allergic.


so in conclusion, use a topical anti-poison ivy/anti-itch/drying lotion and it will eventually just dry up. if it spreads, 2 daily oatmeal baths will soothe the itching and expedite the healing process.


you're welcome in advance.


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Guest !!! SUB DUDE
Originally posted by cloner

god me too, my whole body swells up when i get it, and i just die for a few days.


that sucks bro. i just used to get it alot.

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