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Argentina (fotos)

suburbian bum

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Este verano tuve el suerte para ir a Argentina para 2 meses. Fui con una programa de cambios intercultures para estudiantes. Quede con una familia. Puedo hablar en espanol mejor ahora pero tengo problemas con los cambios de verbios.


In argentina there really is no graffiti scene. In the city of Buenos Aires which has 12 million people you see some tags occasionally but very little for how large the country is. The thing is that there are no laws that are specifically against graffiti, and even if there were the cops wouldnt actually do anything to stop you. So although you dont see tagging, people like to write shit on the walls. It usually doesnt amount to any more than " I love you maria" or "Metallica ROCKS!" but sometimes it is very political. Also politicians just hire people to go out and paint their names on walls as a form of political advertisement.


Argentina isnt some really shitty 3rd world country. A lot of it looks very modern and european though they do have some very poor areas in most towns called villas where people are living in little metal and concrete shacks. I thought it was pretty cool except for the fact that while it was summer in the north it was dead winter there and they dont really use heating so it was always fucking cold as hell even though it never got below freezing.


I will start it off with typical argentine graffiti. If you cant read spanish It sais "old school xxx hardcore" Fucking badass...





Aguanten los pibes chorros y la cumbia.


More pics... hang on a sec.

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All these pics were taken by me with a kodak easy share dx3600 i think. I forget what exactly its called.


Parana, Argentina




Cordoba, Argentina



Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires




Posadas. Sorry for the size, Photobucket uploaded it weirdly. Anyways, you will notice that in the background is a huge apartment building with a heli pad and in the foreground there is a nice 2 story house next to another house next to a small metal shack. Such is the rugged individualistic argentine archetecture. I once saw a large bright pink house with a bright blue bench in front of it next to an old abandoned shitty plain pored concrete non painted building, this is common. Heres another example, (also Posadas)...




notice upstairs is the unfinished frame, while downstairs is a nice house complete with roman pillars and next door is another nice one. This was all over.

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Iguazu falls


My camera is digital, the only things i messed with in all of these pics was the brightness and contrast a little bit though.



Recoleta Cemetary Buenos Aires. This is a huge cemetary where all the rich people in Argentina are buried, each tomb is about 15 feet high and very elaborate. It was like a city of these big tomb buildings. Very rad.





more ruins

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Originally posted by suburbian bum

one of the people here is an american, the rest are argentines, I bet you cant guess which one is the extranjero.


red shirted


awesome pics, for real

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i was under the impression ba had an amazing graffiti scene, ive seen loads of cool stuff from there. i think www.bagraff.com is the site.


the photos are brilliant, i really enjoyed them. do you have any more of the city center at all? i lived with some people from b'aries for a year or so, everyone there seems so cool and laid back. and none of them looked remotley hispanic at all. i think they all had like german last names. man i wish i could go to south america.... jealous is me.

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BA really didnt have that much going on as far as graff. I saw some stuff, but it wasnt that common and I think I only saw 1 fill in the whole time I was there, just the ocasional hand tag. That ba graff site is awesome It talks about everything there, one big problem for them is getting good cans of paint. The paint they have there sucks and its really fucking expensive for them to buy anything nice from europe or the U.S.


Yeah people are laid back there about a lot of things but are crazy in some aspects (expecially driving). And yes i think 97% of the country is european, most of them are spanish italians or germans. But the cool thing is most of the races get along real well I didnt see much racism at all there. Except for the fact that there is no black people living there so whenever I met someone they would always ask me if black people lived in my city. unfortuniately the only times they really see black people is in rap videos on MTV so they think they are all getto thuggin gangstas.

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Most cities were nice and had a large middle class, but also there are villas where all the poor people live heres a pic of someones house.





This is la avenida 9 de julio, the huge fucking street that cuts buenos aires in half. Its about 14 lanes, and has basically a park in the middle of it. you can see how wide it is by how wide a gap there is between buildings.










abandoned train station, Posadas

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