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Fucked up school trip


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funny things about this thread:


1. i was baffled by the bad english on a bunch of white dudes, but then after someone later started dropping info, i realized its prolly cause dude speaks french. lol


2. some dude dropped info on the spot, city, yard name, the whole enchilada. smooth!!!


3. original dude said "graffers" then some one made a hilariously facetious reply about how gay that is....but then like 10 kids who dont understand sarcasm/facetiousness start dissing *that* guy for saying graffers! making fun of the guy who was making fun of it first. maybe everyone on this thread speaks french.


4. the dude posted a picture of himself making a peace sign and doing some kind of face that looks like hes constipated.


5. some other kid replied to said photo and just called dude a fucking geek. considering theyre all in high school, that sounds like some good highschool dissing. sacre bleu!


6. finally theee best part of this thread is that THIS piece was found by a highschool student on a PERSPECTIVE drawing fild trip:







oooh weeee. you cant write comedy this good.

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cheerleader is an idiot


cheer leader shut the fuck up you don't have a fucken clue of what your taking about....


first of Im a female, a woman, a girl...right? how can that be me on that photo??!! right?

thats is not my face....stupid!!!!


second of all, those are college students


third of all I finished college




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lol i was actually going to edit that but your stuck since you reapeated it, second she was on a school trip taking pix of graffiti nothing ilgal with that really autority knows every yard and im not saying people paint there,third i dont paint freghts if you were serious about freights you would just take a little drive, forth i dint even say location, 5th i wonder who you could be that much into freights and not flow? if you just paint freights i dont care if i got you mad

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