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Good fr8s for good painters?


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Originally posted by hobo knife

I think the original point of this thread was asking what people think about leaving the better (more sought after trains) for the more serious sprayers. Not just whether it's ok to go over what you might think is wack graffiti.


If you saw one of your dream cars layed up at your best spot and some no-name, first timer had disgraced the only possible panel to paint with some nasty shit, why not do the train a favor and cover it.


Thank you!

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Originally posted by iloveboxcars

I personally don't care if the person sucks or not. If they got to it first i'm painting a different car unless NOTHING else is there. Now, if there is room on the car i'll do that section... but I tend to stay off of other peoples work. I still respect people that suck at graffiti because they are going out there trying to do their own thing. [/quote



what he said im still toy as fuck but when im in the yard i dont cover shit..


"unessessary beef is more cows to breed"

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