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the BOBBY HERZOGG birthday special.....


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Originally posted by porque

...yeah that bench looks like mine...only you have to replace the water with 22's of yueng...and add a little habatchi grill...and girls in halter tops and booty shorts bringin me nachos...


same except sub nachos for backrubs.










big sluts



resize them and you will have more friends.

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Originally posted by porque


...good post...but they are way too big...make em about six inches wide, 100-150 dpi...they'll load and look better...


don't do that at all..


web resolution is 72 dpi..and everything is displayed in pixels...


if you make something 5 inches wide at 300 dpi...if you try to display it in a browser...it'll actually be roughly 20 inches wide...


if you're gonna resize flicks..it's best to keep em between 500 - 650 pixels wide by whatever height for panel shots, longer for connectors and end to ends...and you gotta make sure the image is 72 DPI and in RGB mode...browsers don't handle cmyk images


but i cant even see the flick because photobucket sucks...

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