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Originally posted by SF1+Oct 15 2005, 12:46 AM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (SF1 - Oct 15 2005, 12:46 AM)</div><div class='quotemain'><!--QuoteBegin-YourSistersAssCookie@Oct 14 2005, 06:13 PM

hey my sweetheart.. its completely your opinion and I dont knock what you think everyone is entitled. what I know is neck face has his own style and thats cool. I do know that graffiti originated from hip hop and has a hip hop call it what you will influence to it and all that chatter

"i promise if you look it up in the dictionary it will NOT say: crazy sick handstyle hip hop mad flavor burner flare it up wildstyle tats crew all city tight kid oner you sittin on 12oz benchin burners in your sleep all day you live it son realness."

that is the artschool kid in you comming out and thats okay too. like I said everyone is entitled I didnt say anything negative about neck faces craft all I said was theres no way what he does is graffiti. thats my opinion. love it or leave it.

his art could be considerd glorified vandalsm with a artistic twist at best.



This is so backwards I have to respond.

First of all graffiti as we know it (tagging/street-bombing/rep/whatever) started before hip hop even exsisted. Mid 60's to be exact. (The hobos were geting up on freights before then but thats another thing). The first writers were into rock music and shit not hiphop.


You say NeckFace is not graffiti, but it is art???

Neck face is deffinately graffiti He's tagging, bombing spots I even seen him on freights. It is graffiti. Period. His tag name is NeckFace. You can't even argue that.


Now as for art... I aint no artist but I don't see a garbage hand and 2nd grade level drawings as having anything to do with art. Maybe that's just my opinion.

Art or not it's deffinately graff and if you say it aint then you my freind are the one that doesn't know what you're talking about.



sf1, yea this dude has the worst argument ive ever heard. its no longer even about neckface, its about the fact you are basically implying NO ONE ever wrote on shit before subway art. learn your history. fuckin "kilroy", "jb king esquire", even "the rambler" dates back to the 60's and i dont recall ever see a flick of old boy rocking a pair of shell toes.

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My friend and I argue about the same shit all the time.


In Detroit, my favorite writer is MONEY, but my friend hates him because he doesn't use caps, his handstyles are sketchy & most of his pieces are stick letters.


He judges him based on graffiti; the ability to make crisp lines & bomb handstyles & the rest.


I like him because he gets up all over & if you're going to hit a water tower over a city, why do something that no one can read unless they go up there...who the hell is going up there but you...I respect him for how much you see him everywhere instead of the 5 amazing pieces you see in the most chill spot.


It's a matter of opinion.





ps. Canadian dude with the CAP LOCKS...please quit embarrasing us.

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Why people want to lablel shit all the time is beyond me. Get yours..graffiti doesn't have to be colored, 3D letters.

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if dude writes on other peoples property its graff all this hate but i see kno one taking him out so its all pillow talk

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hes probably only famous cause hes got friends in he art biz that hooked him up... dude really isnt all that talented, and he doesnt bomb as hard as everyone pretends he does. i have no problem with his art, but its his intentions that make the graff game look stupid.

i saw your shit at the yerba buena in SF recently... stick to canvas buddy.

that huge metal sculpture was kinda tite though.

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I wouldnt argue that his stuff is kind of a gimmick, and i dont really like looking at it much either, but to me the most interesting thing about him and how his shit relates to graf and the art scene =


If this dude painted the exact same amount of the exact same spots in the exact same cities ... but was writing some conventional type of meaningless tag name like ZOR1 or KAZER or whatever ... with an arrow under it and a star at the end and a swirl underneath it ... he'd probably get 95% less attention than he's gotten ... both from other graffiti people and the art world alike. He'd fade right back into the landscape of however many hundreds of thousands of kids take the exact same approach. Which goes to show how his shit has become almost entirely about the fact that he attracted more attention than most other people who do virtually the same thing, and simply by doing it slightly different.


Whats even crazier is that he writes and chills with dudes who do "normal" graffiti (most of whom are approved of or at least not seen as ignorant of traditional graf by the same graf types who hate on him) proving he probably does know something about the style of graf he gets dissed for not doing.


How hard is it to come up with an average graffiti-tag style that meets some "non-toy" graf criteria anyway? Like do people look at JA and think "wow, that J and lowercase A are 100% acceptable in the graf rule book, and its so amazing that he does such acceptable graf instead of something i'd view as the result of a low level of talent" ..?

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Originally posted by porque@Aug 28 2004, 07:30 PM

Originally posted by Drunk Sober

Artfags dont bomb, they do art projects and wear turtlenecks and eat cheese at art galleries


...don't forget about the boxed wine...it's all about boxed wine...

space bag happens!

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