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.the Republican National Convention thread.

Poop Man Bob

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Originally posted by the_gooch

yeah, they showed it on cnn or msnbc. the cops said they saw him in the act, when infact the stuff he was standing over was done the day before.


the reporter ( i forget who) told the nypd captain (who had to be radioed in cause the sgt. and the arresting beat cop didn't know how to handle it) that the guy didn't do anything and infact has the beat cop on video lying when he radioed in.


naturally the law is always right, and the perp was hauled in. haha


by the way that stuff is water soluable chalk, not spray paint. it was also hooked up to a cell phone which got text messages, and after the message was received it would spray out the message. so, since all the shit was electronic the bomb squad had to "inspect it"


honestly that guy is a pussy, just grab spraypaint and make you message permanent! you don't need all that fancy bullshit, thats why he got caught!!


he went to jail for sprayin chalk on the streets ?....whaaat an idiot

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this bullshit about the "lesser of two evils" is soooooo 2000. the propaganda about the candidates is no worse than any other year. you gotta do a little research on your own and find out what the candidates are about. and by research i dont mean the unbiased opinions you find on internet chat boards..


some shit to throw into the mix..

Bush vs. Bush..



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Originally posted by trackstand

Fuck you pig, I hope someone brutally murders you in front of your wife and kids and they cannot stomach their cereal for months after the fact.


can i just say that it's dumbasses like you who give the democratic party it's bad name. you're acting just as close-minded and ignorant as any goddamned republican could dream of being. the kid is trying to back out of the argument that can't be won and is not trying to offend anyone by simply agreeing to disagree. fucking grow up and learn some goddamn tolerance



on a different subject

those bush twins are retarded and i definitely feel i have become stupider from watching that clip... guess you can't blame them too much when their dad is a complete moron

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i cringed waaay more seeing arnie's stupid rant. and guiliani..needs

a good punch in the face. anybody else feel like they are being

hypnotized by that massive, slightly waving in the wind flag?

and isn't it wonderful how the republicans have all these high profile people

in their corner, while the dem's big star is out trying to windsurf?

wonder what that's all about..

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Originally posted by fermentor666

Watching this, I feel like I'm watching a high school prep rally. Name-dropping and lame jokes, little annoying giggles.


I want to go Gunkata on those two fucking bitches and their whole family.




I would totally jizz on Jennas grill.

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i squirmed more watching them, then i do for curb your enthusiam....



heres my recap:


rudy - 83 - i thought this would be a home run...i

sorta thought he rambled a bit, i mean 40 minutes

and i thought his envoking of the 9-11 was some

what crass...he should do it, but maybe have done it

better...after all there is no way around the fact

that the 911 commission was almost axed by

bush/cheney...i find it ironic..


mccain - 85 - i was hoping for a more rhetoric filled

cry, that would make me want to grab a gun and shoot a

towel head, and i thought his ending was anti-climatic, but i

think he did a good job of bridging partisan divide...


laura bush - 90 - shes a peach, i think her husbands

an idiot but she serves him well


ah-nold - 93 - envoking nixon! i mean you get bonus

points for that alone! i gotta say i still think he

sort of a joke, but his personalization of communist

russia, his birth as a republican and his survey of

"you know youre a republican if" was great and

delivered well...


i just find it ironic that the frist and the hasserts

have been regulated to the 6-8pm slot...while the gay

rights(ah-nold) the anti-gun rights (rudy) and the

anti-tax cuts (mccain) have been put on center stage,

and you know why, cause it cause people like me to say

well fuck i guess their not bad...and you know what if

those guys were running the party and not the

religious and conservative right, then i may be a

swing voter, but i aint falling for that conservative

compassion shit...what does that mean anyway? they

will use KY jelly when they fuck me in the ass?? thats

nice of em...i mean my god have you gandered at the

RNC platform? no rights for gays? at all? i mean geez

i hear ya with the marriage thing, but i dont want a

party that has that sorta hatred even if its a

miniscule issue when compared to other issues...



the bush twins!!


i heard their speech writer got a job working at the

dunkin donuts drive through...

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Originally posted by Weapon X

Hey, poop man, I don’t fuck with realplayer. Can you link up a key word or two so I can find the correct video through google or something? My friend would get a real kick out of this when he comes over, I’m sure.


I've searched, but all I can find are Real Player versions. I'll let you know if I come across something that might work for you ..

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i don't even have to check that link to know arnold is bullshit. he's a moderate, that's probably why he comes across a little better than the other wack jobs. the bush twins are like a necessary evil. bush has to show his wife and kids, it evokes the sensitive, sensible bush image he trys to duplicitously convey every chance he can. he's such an idiot, i can't believe he's been so flip floping on the "winning" issue.

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ha, yeah, me saw that too.


what it should have said was: bullshit, in 1968, as now, arnold can't speak proper english or proper german, so how could he understand anything about anything in either language unless perhaps it was spoken in arnoldese? little austrian humor for you there.

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Originally posted by Drunk Sober

I'm telling you, shit is getting real dirty this year. These repubicans and demoknats are stooping to all time lows.


You know, I don't feel that the Democratic side has really done much at all outside of the norms in the past few elections. All the hype about MoveOn.org's campaigns (if this is what you were refering to, it is what everyone else does) being the equivalent of The Kerry bashing boat ads is ridiculous. The ad says what we all know: at a time where thousands of inner city and rural poor kids were being forced to go to war, this rich kid got a hall pass from his dad...I mean he might not be found guilty in a court of law but the evidence is there...


Its fair enough if Kerry is just saying "I don't want to go there" but for all of us, I don't think we need to start thinking in political and media rheotoric...

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The Bush twins revisited.


From dailykos.com, this is great:






Damn, this thing reads worse than it sounds. I mean, if I'm a communications guy, I try to use the twins to appeal to women (which the GOP has lost completely) and young voters (even if none are watching the convention coverage). So how did they do?


JENNA BUSH: It's great to be here. We love Arnold. Isn't he awesome?


Thanks to him, if one of us ever decides to marry a Democrat, nobody can complain, except maybe our grandmother, Barbara. And if she doesn't like it, we would definitely hear about it.


We already know she doesn't like some of our clothes, our music, or most of the TV shows we watch.


Gammie, we love you dearly, but you're just not very hip.


She thinks "Sex and the City" is something married people do, but never talk about.


Hmmm, this is clearly targetted toward youngsters, since apparently young kids all think their grandmothers are crusty old bitches who just need to die, and barring that, should be told to stuff their years of wisdom down the toilet and shut their traps.


And they like "Sex and the City", which should make those Christian wackos really happy. But the twins are blond. And they talk about Sex in the City. So they may have scored some points with the twenty-something male crowd.


We spent the last four years trying to stay out of the spotlight. Sometimes, we did a little better job than others.


We kept trying to explain to my dad that when we are young and irresponsible, well, we're young and irresponsible.


"Yeah, getting drunk and smoking pot is fun, and dad just doesn't get it! And it's nice to have a Secret Service detail to get us out of sticky situations. It's fun being irresponsible, which is easy to do since our parents didn't instill any values in us. And anyway, we're just following dad's example."

BARBARA BUSH: Jenna and I are really not very political, but we love our dad too much to stand back and watch from the sidelines.


We realized that this would be his last campaign, and we wanted to be a part of it.

"It's easy to support our father when we don't actually pay attention to the damage he's causing.

Besides, since we've graduated from college, we're looking around for something to do for the next few years.


Kind of like dad.

Are they saying that their dad will lose, or that he will win? Either way, this is pretty, um, horrible.


As for the twins, they'll be okay. Daddy's friends will hook them up. Just like their father, they'll never have to work a day in their lives.

JENNA: Our parents have always encouraged us to be independent and dream big. We've spent a lot of time at the White House, so when we showed up the first day, we thought we had it all figured out. But apparently my dad already has a chief of staff, named Andy.

Ummm.... okaaay...

BARBARA: When your dad's a Republican and you go to Yale, you learn to stand up for yourself.


I knew I wasn't quite ready to be president, but number two sounded pretty good.


Who is this man they call Dick Cheney?

The president.

JENNA: I think I know a lot about campaigns. After all, my grandfather and my dad have both run for president, so I put myself in charge of strategy. Then I got an angry call from some guy named Karl.

Groan... Karl apparently didn't like the "Pub Crawl" the twins had set up.

BARBARA: We knew we had something to offer. I mean, we've traveled the world; we've studied abroad. But when we started coming home with foreign policy advise, dad made us call Condi.

And the twins were smarter.

JENNA: Not to be deterred, we thought surely there's a place for strong willed, opinionated women in communications. And next thing we know, Karen's back.

As an aside, how many "swing voters" out there know who "Karen" and "Andy" and Karl" really are? Heck, even Condi is probably unknown to a majority of Americans.

BARBARA: So we decided the best thing we could do here tonight would be to introduce somebody we know and love.


JENNA: You know all those times when you're growing up and your parents embarrass you? Well, this is payback time on live TV.

They got that right.

BARBARA: Take this. I know it's hard to believe, but our parents' favorite term of endearment for each other is actually Bushy.


And we had a hamster, too. Let's just say ours didn't make it.

Kerry saves hamsters. The Bushes kill theirs.

JENNA: But, contrary to what you might read in the papers, our parents are actually kind of cool. They do know the difference between mono and Bono. When we tell them we're going to see Outkast, they know it's a band and not a bunch of misfits. And if we really beg them, they'll even shake it like a Polaroid picture.


BARBARA: So, OK, maybe they have learned a little pop culture from us, but we've learned a lot more from them about what matters in life, about unconditional love, about focus and discipline.

Didn't they just say up-speech that they're young and irresponsible?

They taught us the importance of a good sense of humor, of being open-minded and treating everyone with respect.


And we learned the true value of honesty and integrity.


JENNA: When you grow up as the daughters of George and Laura Bush, you develop a special appreciation for how blessed we are to live in this great country.


We are so proud to be here tonight to introduce someone who read us bedtime stories, picked up car pool, made us our favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cheered for us when we scored a goal, even when it was for the wrong team.


BARBARA: Someone who told us we actually looked cute in braces, always welcomed our friends and was there waiting when we came home at curfew.


JENNA: Ladies and gentlemen, one of the two most loving, thoughtful people we know.


BARBARA: Your president and our dad, George W. Bush.


Did someone actually vet this speech?

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