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constitutional amendment-please sign

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How much attention are we paying to "other" events in the news? This could slide by virtually unnoticed. Please sign the petition.


There is a Constitutional Amendment being proposed that will ultimately ban homosexual marriages/civil unions and possibly domestic partner benefits in the future. It is being pushed through Congress quickly so as to make as little noise as possible. Short and to the point: If you agree that gays andlesbians are NOT second class citizens and SHOULD be allowed the same rightsas all men and women, including marriage/civil unions, then please go to this site and sign the petition in order to make your opinion known:




This petition is being organized (it's not an "add your name to the bottom

and forward" kind of thing). Go to the site itself in order to sign the

petition. And please pass this along to your friends and family (gay &

straight allies) so that we can all, together, convey the message that the

Constitution is about human rights, not just religious rights.



thanks guys and girls....rOe


WARNING: after you sign it, DO NOT come on here and post your number. anyone can take your number, and look up your info... replying to let us know you support it is fine, but dont give your number.

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...um i think so based on the field requirements, such as city and state, but ya know what, fuck it, do it anyway, they are looking for numbers, and i hardly think that the state dept. or congress is gonna have the time to check...so yeah EVERYONE sign!!!!...make believe...you can be from new york, topeka, seattle, san fran, hawaii, baton rouge, hartford, etc....have fun with it....



thanks to everyone....r

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why fight for freedom oversees via distruction when americans don't have the freedom to love whomever on our soil...what's the message being sent? we all pay fuckin taxes, right. so much needs to be changed. i heard about states ripping adoptive families apart because of sexual orientation eventhough the child was given a new chance at the american dream...just to get it taken away and sent back to the projects...mad politics

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"Silas Van Esteban from Hartford,CT


That's the abbreviation for Connecticut right?"



HAHAHA! thanks dr. D thats the right abbrv. and might i also add that CT is a very fine choice indeed...


as far as silas van esteban, im putting that character into a short story, its got a sweet ring to it....


browns, yeah i told yeah, for sure, lemme know, i still got your addie, i gotta do something for pilau, but maybe ill just fire the first trade shot.....


thansk boogie, if you guys get the chance def. forward it, and if you know Jesse Helms email addie, fire one off to him too!


id finish with a bump, but seeking already got me stuck....peace...r

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just to be on the safe side, we're gonna keep any location info at all confidential.


-phatty beards


I appriciate the concern....but I'm not stupid enough to put the number if it was my real name and location. Joey Jabsco is the name of the guy in the two-tone record label logo (if memory serves me right..)

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