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-- I Just Saw Aliens vs. Predator

Weapon X

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Well, I did this afternoon, anyway.


I got pretty much what I was expecting. It wasn't as good as any of the Predator movies, nor as good as any of the Alien movies. None of the action scenes were anything to write home about, and - surprise, surprise - there was no blood.


The action sequences were decent, but they were leaning towards the choppy side, a la Chronicles of Riddick and other poorly choreographed fight scenes.


I thought the ending was very unpredictable, simply for the fact that I think it's stupid. Unless they did it on purpose...I'm not going to spoil it for you, though. You'll probably know what I mean.


All in all, I give it 3 stars. 3 stars from someone who was expecting a shitty movie. Pretty decent.


I hope the next one is made by someone else.

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you people hate on everything. pisses me off.


im not a big fan of this movie, nor have i seen it, but that shit looked pretty crazy.


takes a lot of time to make those damn things, and even though it might not be as mind blowing as you had hoped, i could still respect the film for its efforts and for how much work must have gone into making the film itself.

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You’re a chump, tease. I said that it was pretty decent, just not nearly as good as any of it’s predecessors. Seriously, you are a Class ‘A’ Moron.


Fuck hard work. Tease, you can try as hard as you want to be cool, but that doesn’t make me respect you.


If the first Alien and Predator movies were like this, there would be no talk of a “franchise”, that's for sure.

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Originally posted by DREDZ

...my boy just got back from seeing that shit...he said it was huff. he said that the plot had potential, but the story got bunk as the shit went on...


He’s right. It did start off very well, but went quickly to shit, once they got to the pyramid site.


Simply, it was badly directed, and the ever-prevalent atmosphere of corruption, greed, and violence in the Alien series wasn’t there.


The atmosphere that was present in the first Predator was not there, either. The delving into the mind of the Predator, his curiousity, as well as his pride in his trophies…they weren’t conveyed as well.


Paul Anderson made this movie like a horror flick with some good novelty value.


It was better than Ghost Ship, but worse than Punisher.

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I liked the movie.I thought it was dope.They got all the movies tied in.The Predator movies took place before this movie and the Aliens movies after.The ship in the first Alien movie is the Predator ship at the end.It was done well.My only complaint is the lack of blood and fight scenes but other then that bravo to this movie

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Re: conessier on avp


Originally posted by EgoManiakal

The alien chest berster hatfched way too soon, and developed even faster into a full fleged alien. Also i believe the queen wmoved a bit fast- i would believe her to be quite dossile for her enormous size and just out of mear functionality of making babies all day. Also the alien still attacked the predator- regardless that he was impregnated with a chest berster.


Yeah, those Xenomorphs did grow up quickly, but I thought it might have to do with the Predators messing with their genes or something. I mean, all that blue electricity when the queen was unfrozen. I figured that’s why, but I hate it when I watch a movie and I have to answer questions myself.





yo, ego, didn’t you also think it weird that not only did the alien not sense the embryo within the predator, but neither did the predators on the ship? I mean, c’mon, they have that crazy eyesight!




This movie is full of holes that need to be plugged up in some sort of press release. That director needs to kill himself and understand that he is not cut out to be a director. The nerve of that guy to say that he’s been working on this for years, and that it’s been a dream of his to do an AVP movie.

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