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i need a half life counterstrike CD KEY!!


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yeah.. i say the same thing when i pirate software.



I wanted to use this joke in the yard.. but then realized exactly no one would understand it so...


Sometimes I wish I was an admin on the server of life and I had access to the admin_execclient command. That way I could force some of you morons to type kill into console.

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Originally posted by __ __ __ __

if you get condition zero, you get cs AND cz.. i play that shit allll damn day, real talk, im a fucking adick....graffiti and counter strike is basically my life, cept for the girl on the side.:D


play on my server some time:


right now we only have a regular map rotation because we just reinstalled. But soon enough we'll have quite a few custom maps.

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Because I can't play D3 and my friend is now telling me it's horribly monotonous I'm looking for something new to get.


Desert Combat seems to be impossible to get (or even if you get it you can't play multiplayer because of all the monitoring they do) so that's out of the question I'm guessing...


What's up with these games you guys are talking about? If I can get a bootleg version/ serial/yadda yadda can I play online or is there going to be something stopping me?


I'm sick of Subspace. I'm ready to kill 3-D objects across the internet. Anyone want to suggest something that'll work?

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i was thinkin about some of the medal of honor games they are pretty sick on PC but they suck on ps2


i might cop the Men of Valor, its vietnam but it dont come out till 9-21

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