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Two Thousand And FoRGE DV !!!!


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Originally posted by schick1

my advice would be to simplfy your peices they dont need so many arrows and other do dads ........

just for sayin this your a fuckin toy....EVERY true graffbombwriter knows thats not true and you absolutely NEED arrows and fruits on your shit....check yo shit..........................haha just playin


im 15 and i been writing for around 2 years...

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fucking listen to people you ingorant FUCK.. put your head on straight and take it out of your ass..




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i wasnt riding your dick... but i DID say you need to space your shit out and proportion it a little bit better and youll be better than you are.. its also stupid as shit how you make your 3D overlap your letters.. god just shut the fuck up.. give up already..

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i dont know....maybe on the walls?.......



and laybeuh your tellin me to give up i highly think your between the ages of 19 and 25 and you still fuckin suck....


see i got my whole life to learn this shit you dont shit left your gonna get as good as you are and if i were you i wouldnt be so proud.....


bitch......come on e thug show me your hardcore response

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forge, in all seriousness, if you aren't willing to take in what people have to say, especially people that know what they are talking about, you really should just give up now. if you arent into it enough to realize you suck and take advice that people who are established or are atleast in the know give you, then drop your cans. that simple. you toy ass clown. your retarded ass rants show your complete lack of knowledge and respect for graffiti. get out before you get the beat down you deserve.

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lol you gave up quick...and why do you people care about my skills or not?...i put my shit up on 12oz for me and people that like my work...people who suck worse then me and gimme advice...i dont care about them.......i dont care about shit talkers....i care about chicago writers and my boys ...... if i dont paint at all ever or if i suck worse then a fuckin vaccumm cleaner why should you people talk shit?...what makes you an asend or a hecz or a dork?...what gives you the right to say i should quit graff?...cuz i do crazy shit and all you ever do is simple shit ?....here il make it easier for you to talk shit...

im probally the best on 12oz...il kill any of your shit...im the best on here...fuck the rest.......there.. NOW talk shit......bye everybody much love forgeripkiser cmw kwt.........

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yo forge. people are tryin to help u bro and your takin this high and mighty approach on them that aint cool. u dont see me flashing all over u cus that pack u sent still isnt here. -=

all im sayin is what they are tellin u is right. they are things u need to work on. and u saying fuck them toys blah blah blah. makes u no better than them.. you are doing exactly what u are accusing them of..

i left the battle thread for a reason. and i stopped posting in paperchase for a reason.. and i stopped offering you advice for a reason.. no one listens.. no one ever takes anything in.they just blow it off.. and your so fucking hostile towards everyone it makes no one want to say anything nice.. shit look how bad joker killed me on the battle thread. u dont see me crying about it and telling everyone to fuck off.


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