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Two Thousand And FoRGE DV !!!!


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not sure the last 5 pages are all talk maybe 2 of em are but i dont think my flicks stopped on page 2....


as i recall it...my thread didnt reach the middle of page 2 in paper chase....but yours is rock bottom of page 3..




comment it...call me whatever you want...i can use those names on toys on a lower level then me and its fun..:crazy:

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hmm you say you know and understand the points that people make about your work yet i havent seen you do nothing to correct them. Heres my advice take it or leave it:


Go back to simples http://photos.fotango.com/p/eba00355907f00000136.jpg'>

out of everything you have posted this has the most potential. If you can correct your mistakes in this stage (letter spacing, widths, proportions) then you will start catching and correcting your problems easier when you attempt more ellaborate styles.


Spacing, your biggest problem. Letters can overlap lots of writers do it but yours are way to cramped. How I see it every letter should stand on its own, example: if you cover your work so that only 1 letter is visible at a time you should be able to tell what it is, not what it might be. Fix this early on while you work on simples.


Style, you have some potential I can see that. The thing is you are still to ambitious and the kind of letters you are attempting at this point will not work without more skill. I think that if you work in the block letter style, this will help you understand letter structure good enough to start pulling some of these off. My advice= simples and block letters for at least 2 months.


Not a diss just trying to help you out take it or leave it-

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forge just keep doin your thang you are getting better!!!!


when you are first starting its better to draw more than paint so when you get real good then paint more so people will see you dope stuff up not the toy stuff.


my advice would be to simplfy your peices they dont need so many arrows and other do dads ........


but how old are you and how long have you been writing?

cus your pretty good for a beginer i was wack ass hell for like 3 years before i got any stlye and i still suck



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