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**** GES ONER ****

Touch It

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Damn, I can't believe Ges would bite that dude with the orange letters like that, and all this time I thought Ges was ofishul.....







Oh and for the record....Illest fill ever...even for a biter;)




dam i love this fill

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^u should read this thread more and look up the word sarcasm in the dictionary.


this is what i found on wikipedia


"Sarcasm can be difficult to grasp in written form. To prevent this some people emphasize words with italics, bold, capitalization, and/or underlining (e.g. that’s just great); sarcastic comments on the Internet with an emoticon, such as ^o); or surround them with a made-up markup language tag, e.g. *sarcasm*, <sarcasm> or <snicker>."


the genius that i am did not seem to get your sarcasm, AS THERE IS NO WAY TO TELL. but since "youre the smartest person in the world" ill let it go.

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I think the true watermark for a writer is having foreign knockoffs. You're like a louis vuitton handbag.


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:



Between this and the Clay Davis Joke, you guys are killing me.


Big up my man Geser the Upsetter! The ocho is upon us!

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i could see dude gettin a paint sponsorship.

his letters are always solid.never a weaker letter

in a piece.and his use of color is well thought

out and done nicely.not just using color to hide

shitty letters,or just to use color as a crutch

so to speak.he understands his work.him and Kem

get down with the top2bottoms too.whole cars

demand respect,and i'd say these two get it.



this comment needed to be reposted

where you at boss? its gettin warmer...

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