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strangest/craziest thing you seen while bombing...


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Craziest/funniest thing happening to me,


1. Hobo asking if he could shot with hos bow and arrow while i was painting, his target was like 2 meters from me.


2. Girl high as a kite ask me if the platform she is standing on is the right one when she wanted to go to oslo, she then dissapeared into thin air, so i was like aight and go on proseding to do a hand on this station building when she comes around the corner asking me things, conversation want a little somthing like this


Her: what are you writing.

me: my name.

Her: i never realy understoud those kind of lethers.


and poff she dissapeared again

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Hitting a large tunnel between a golf course and a highway on a pitch black night on a solo mission, I get spooked when I hear footsteps rustling through the fallen leaves near me. There was only one way out so I ran to my paint and got the fuck out of there as fast as I could. Instead of it being them boys it's an angry raccoon. I start stomping and posturing and it backs off. I start laughing and go back to painting. It comes back a second time and gets a little more brazen. I pick up a large stick just in case. After happening a third time and being actually in a 10 foot distance deadlock with this snarling motherfucker, I decide that I don't want rabies so I leave.

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Ha-haa! Reminds me homie took me to this spot to paint, saw all these bums roaming around leaving because people were there to paint. Homie steps to the wall to check if it's wet. Dude always liked to dress fashionable, even to paint. Minute later I'm looking at dude, he's got something smeared up and down his lower legs. Looked like peanut butter but it was alcoholic crackhead shit lolol. Homie had to figure out what to do, ends up borrowing this pocket knife from some dude, who turns out to be a dude he disliked, so he could chop off the bottoms of his pants. Homie ended up painting in pants that looked like the Hulk wore them. Shit was too funny, tried to let homie save face but I had to laugh.

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I was benching this last Friday.


Had a Mexican gang member roll up.


He was a Norteno.


How do I know that you ask?


Because he insisted on showing me his horrible jail tats.


My whole interaction with him was really odd.


He didn't try starting any problems and just wanted to tell me about some cousin who got hit by a train. Now he hates Union Pacific.


I patted him on his back. For real, I did.


An Ich rolled by at the same time. I explained to him that he was all over the country.


He rolled out after that.


Was weird.

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i had a run in with a cholo as well CILONE/SK, but my incident was a little more on the hostile side... a buddy and i had gone to a yard downtown and ended up leaving out a different spot then we were used to.. we walked down the wrong street and caught a couple tags when some dude crosses the street in front of us and starts asking us where we were from and what crew we rep... unfortunately being a oner in the wrong part of town at 2 in the morning, he proceeded to hassle us and call back to his buddies across the street asking if he should "hit us for a lick"... we took off around the corner and dipped into the trolley station... could have gone bad real fast..

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my dude caught a piss in the corner of a park at 6AM the other morning after a hard night. we looked mad homeless and disheveled in an affluent area. a middle aged do-gooder guy walks down the stairs as i'm walking up the stairs and i give him a nice hello. he ignores me, walks straight past me and up to my friend taking a piss and i'm like goddamn, what the fuck? my dude gets spooked and picks up a broom he's pissing next to. the guy begins to hassle him for trying to steal a broom which the guy claimed he used to sweep the paths. my friend begins to hassle the guy for hiding the broom in a shitty way. we leave quick because we really didn't belong...only to come back 10 minutes later to steal the broom on principle.


fuck your broom son.

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mid fill being asked if I want to smoke a rock by the local mentally handicapped homeless homie, shit almost gave me a heart attack I had no idea where he came from. Nah man nah.... And then all times various trailer trash hassled me to see if I was reppin anything, fuck you trailer park bloods I hope your momma blows the place up making shake and bake..

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geez where do I start..seen a crackhead giving a bj to a dealer behind a trash dumpster, rolled into a chill spot to paint and seen a dude banging a hooker on the hood of his car. When i was in Chicago I heard gun shots a block away from me. got shot at while painting in Detroit. While painting at another chill spot I looked over and seen a homeless dude jackin off. Seen a tranny hooker retying his dick behind his legs in an alley.


Couple summers ago I was benching in a nice spot I have by a heavily wooded area, some deer were on the tracks and while they were taking off from the oncoming train 1 of them doubled back and got annihilated and I ended up getting deer blood splattered all over me.


Had a friend slice his wrist open on razor wire once getting into an abandoned building in the dead of winter. We had to climb right back out while he bled all over the place stash our paint and then call 911 and tell them he tripped and cut it on some ice on the sidewalk, he bout passed out on the way to the hospital from the loss of blood. You sould see his main artery pumping. Pretty gnarly.

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