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strangest/craziest thing you seen while bombing...


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I was painting alone in atlanta under a chill bridge, and up walks a bum, but he just chills and watches me. then i turn around to see if he's stilll there and he is, but he's got his dick in his hand and is beating off watching me paint. i tell him to get the fuck outta here with that shit and he's like "whyy man?" and i said "dude, are you joking? what the fuck, stop that shit" and he says "aw man...it feels good. ......." so i just said fuck it and finished my piece and left.



what the fuck LOL

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i live in like a farm town out side the city.and me and my buddy were walkin home from out little practice spot and theres this dude out in a field with his arm up a cows ass. at first we though he was like a vet or something but then we noticed he had his hand down in his overall's... creapy shit


another time we were out dirt jumping (i bmx) and there was this dude watching us in his truck. so were like ok not a big deal. anyway 5 or so minutes later i pick up a can of paint to put up a stencil on the wall ride we got there. dude gets out of his truck with a salt gun and starts shootin at us and fuckin flippin out cause we have out jumps on his land and cause were were vandalizing his properrty... and for anybody who hasnt felt a load of rock salt shot at you from a 12 gague it hurts like a mother fucker.

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top 5



1. a dog in an alley that was literally ripped in half.


2. two fiends fuckin on a stoop on main st at like 330 am.


3. a pig in his wheel shootin up a bag.


4. a pig beatin a fiend/bum (we threw 2 bricks, lol we were like 13 n wylin. on some ill shit idk wtf was wrong wit me.)


5. last week i followed these two little kids in my neighborhood for like 45 minutes watchin them light shit on fire, they were fuckin elementary school kids..how the fuck did they get out?....damn i didnt start bein able to snea kout until atleast 12 or 13. i hope those kids start bombin, imagine the destruction.

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