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Burners and Style!


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yeah really. Kwote puts in work. And unoriginal? Adopting and painting styles from the 80s nyc subway era isnt toy. Taking it back to the golden ages is what quite a few writers like doing. 10 years ago this shit wasnt toy and nobody called it toy. Guess you've never heard of nsf, or n4n or ba. Yeah, pear, rezist, kuthe, vash, con, arek, paebak dudes that been rocking these styles for over a decade yeah all those guys are toys.


Fuck outta here.

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Sorry but dude is right, that doesn't belong in here. Was going to say something but decided to sit back and see how people would respond first. Want to get out of the way nothing against the piece, writer, or poster.

This is burners and style. If you look at what was posted, versus most everything else in this thread, that is not a burner. It is a style, but you name NSF, BA.... you think what was posted is synonymous with that? No way. Pretty much everyone in those crews are known dudes, considered kings by many. Dude does put in his work, but you can't compare him to those crews and that piece doesn't compare with the rest of the thread.


Separate but related note, when you see crews like ITD, BA, NSF, etc., doing those styles, they are going back to their roots and early influences, except they're doing it with maybe 20+ years experience added. Essentially, a classic look reborn through expeience/knowledge but also people who originated a lot of that shit doing what whas theirs to begin with. Feel like a lot of people are trying to do that look these days but you can see the difference between the two.

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I wasn't comparing kwote to those guys, i was comparing styles, letter structure and use of colors. Something that is super legible, painted with a 1 color fill, background and highlights can easily be a burner as much as any wild style super technical piece with 20 colors. A burner to most guys is anything more complex than your average straight letter. A wild ass piece with 20 arrows and 15 colors done with fancy paint are not the only pieces to be classified as a "burner". My crew is connected with nsf, Im crew mates with paebak nsf, I started bombing in 03 and took piecing serious in 09 with this "style" we are talking about. Its just funny to see a highly inexperienced dude say this kind of style would be called toy ten years ago. I respect you what you had to say though and I see were you're coming from. Kwote has style, he paints burners, and he travels quite a damn bit. Just because his shit wasnt painted on a legal wall in fucking Denmark or somewhere with some ironlak and all the time in the world doesn't mean its not worthy for this thread. Peace.

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