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Burners and Style!


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1. How long have you been spraying?


Since 1998.


3. Do you have any formal art training?


Yes, I've studied Fine Arts. As my friend Roid says: "Art school ruined my graffiti". The story of my life…


4. What have you been working on recently?


Several exhibitions (Veneno44 http://vimeo.com/m/42672047, Estonoesgraffiti http://www.estonoesgraffiti.com/, Murciélago http://www.velvetliga.com/2012/05/murcielago-vicious-gallery.html?m=1, Moebius tribute…), and some designs.


5. Are you coming to the States soon?


Actually I don't have any plans at the moment but I'm looking forward to it obviously.


6. Who are your favorite writers?


What an awkward question, I would be leaving many of them accidentally… I'll give it a try though. The whole UB crew, Most JBCB, Egs, Nug, Petro, Buny, Spok, Rosh, Brk192, Ayer, Sien, Sobek, Kcis, Roid, Aroe, Sawe, Fasim, Relik, Coun, Ozzy, Ove, Nomad, Cyrus, Honet…***


Slavoj Žižek***says that love is a extremely violent act. In order to pick up who you're going to love, you must discriminate against everyone else. I didn't mean to forget a lot of people…


7. Whats Ground Release about?


It's a project based in London to promote the exchange of writers from all over the globe. Find out more on their website.


8. Do you sketch before you paint?


Only sometimes. I would like to do it more often but the truth is that the most of the times I just arrive to the wall with empty hands.


9. Whats your favorite surface to paint?


Obviously steel, but it happens only as often as I sketch before painting.


10. How long does it take you to do a piece like the one with your Ground Release friends?


That one… maybe like 8 hours?


11. Any last words?


Thanks for the interest. Keep up this good site.


-How did you get in to graffiti? Did you ever see "Style Wars"?


I started in a small town in the Southeast of Spain, where I used to

live with my parents. The whole thing was full of graffiti and I

started writing my own name spontaneously as I was a kid and I haven't

stopped for more than two weeks ever since. I saw Style Wars only

after one or two years that I started painting.


-Do you have a favorite piece of yours? I tend to think all my pieces

suck, or I could have done it better-


He, he. I don't know, not really… Some pieces I think the shape is

good, other the spot (but I wish I could have done better), etc.


-Do you get free paint?




-Favorite music? I used to think Hip Hop and Graffiti went hand in

hand but I like to channel the Jazz and Funk and Soul with my work...


Well, I used to think the same when I was a kid, and I still drag some

bands till today. Right now I'm listening to Tom Waits for instance,

but I listen to any genre as long as it's good shit.


-Would you consider yourself a "Well Rounded Graffiti Artist"?


Sure, my friends are the best.


-Why/When did you decide to become an ***"illegal graffiti vandal" and

leave the art studio/gallery life?


I think it is the other way around, I mean, a graffiti writer, same as

Kaspar Hauser, is raised wild and then he becomes civilized. Or like

Tarzan he never gets used to civilization and stays in the wild.


-How do you balance your legal paintings and your illegals?


Both are valid ways to get up. I don't think much wether something is

legal or illegal.


-Ever made anyone mad because of your art? I am always thinking about

that because some of the best spots to hit are on businesses or

sometimes houses. Also, covering up other work...


I believe that happens every week!


-What is a typical day for Pant?


Well, right now in summertime my typical day is to deal with this

bloody heat and with visitors, since my house has turned into a

free-for-all. While I try to get some work done and paint something if

the evening is not too hot!


-Will you ever stop painting graffiti?


I don't think that will happen. I really enjoy it, otherwise I would

have stopped before.


-Any Goals in Life?


Enjoy myself!























HIS FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pantone.ub

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That is my fav all-time pic of Eddie. Had that poster above my bed as a teenager.


You've done it justice as well, kick-ass.


cheers mate, im not really an iron maiden fan, nor do i think their music is shit. i just knew this was a dope ass pic that i had to paint.

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