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Burners and Style!

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i like his older style alot more, but you can't hate on that fools new shit neither though, that line work and those fills are on point like a mafucka.


eventually you get tired of doing the same old shit over and over again and got to switch that shit up for a minute.

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I would agree with the last 3 post. But would have to agree more with the first comment on kems lettering, there is no doubt he has and will out do any of us speaking on the matter, but you cannot deny the fact they lack quality and are nothing compared to what he used to produce. Ive followed kems work for a bit and have always been impressed, def one of my favorite writers, but it seems hes been focusing more on the fills and flashy part of his pieces vs the letter structure itself. With that being said yeah every writer gets tired of doing the same shit and wants to do something new because they are bored, although if you decide on doing so i feel it should be for the better not for the worse. Seems like the letters took a step back instead of forward. But hey who am I? who are we to speak on the matter, thats just my 2 cents.


No one get butt hurt, hes still without a doubt one of the top writers, in my book at least.

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