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Burners and Style!


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i never post.


2 things need to be said:


first that totem and the last many totem peices this guy has painted have been some of the finest brazilian bitches asses i ever seen.


2. that last magic car wash with cope ewok askew etc....


I never seen a wall where cope and jee painted together and jee's peice just sunk copes battle ship.....and they on the same team hahah. Im just saying to me jee now 1 ups cope in every way his peices are even nicer... and i see his throw ups....



Opinions are just that. but the truth is totem is really raising the bar. Letters so strong. Concept brilliant. painted profesionally. end of story totem is king.

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"This event organised by WOW123 was amazing, its not finished yet of course but the line up and the concept are top notch.


As soon as I've got better pictures I'll up them




"Revok, Can2, Atom, Smash, Maclaim, Dee one, Base23, Won, Flying fortress.........

And many more."

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