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dr. frink one

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TRAV MSK AWR INTERVIEW FROM SPRAY BEAST: http://spraybeast.tumblr.com/



Please Introduce yourself


Trav, Mad Society Kings, The Seventh Letter Family… From the west coast of the united states of America.. Planet earth.




Judging by your pieces, it looks like you’ve been painting a while but I have only seen your stuff popping up on the net over the last year. How long have you been writing?


I have been painting around 12 years or so.


How did you catch ‘the bug’?


I wish I knew to be honest, I just Always loved to draw. And started noticing graffiti as a child, and started drawing my interpetation of it soon after. During high school, nothing mattered but tagging on shit at the school. I didn’t care about parties, girls, sports. none of that shit. Well, I would didtch a lot and ocasionally some girls would holler at me, and i would let them get to 3rd base or so, but i never persued them. Vandalism was all I cared about, and when i actually did go to class, i just drew pieces, and tagged on all my paper till i ran out. I lived close to the school, so I would take the babes there, and then go back to write on shit. I did everything in the day time because my Mom had me on lock down because she knew i would go out writing if i left after dark. Which eventually got me caught up as a juvenille. I have always just been infected with the bug since I was young. I came from a small town, and wanted to get up, get out, and get some.. haha


When did you hook up with MSK?


In 2001 I was 18 years old, or so, and I moved to Mid City Los Angeles with my boy Jorge, and his brother Diego, and this real slimey character from back home.He kinda was Missing in action the whole time any way, so it didn’t really matter. It was the four of us in a studio, and all I did was steal, Tag on shit, eat top ramen on bad days, and holler at Women.. I painted a couple times by my self, but nothing too crazy. I met Gkae at an art show on Melrose, and LaBrea, and soon there after I met Eklips. I called Eklips to try to sell him designer jeans, and north face jackets periodically, and he would buy them. I am not sure he even needed the shit, i just think he knew i was broke… He always looked out for me, and eventually envited me to go to Ensenada with Him, and a few other members of the crew. and off I went. I remember being in this van that we rented, and we picked up Push, and he got in and looked at me like “WHO THE FUCK IS THIS DUDE??” hahah it was priceless. I was a young dude, and these dudes schooled me to a lot of shit, I always related with them on shit, and the bond just grew. I got in the crew in 2008, and continued to paint. Push continues to pocket dial me, it will never end.




Out of the pieces of yours I have seen the style has varied a lot whilst having a cohesive theme, usually in the form sick teched out details surrounding solid letters.


Some times the piece looks organic, like a weird alien life form or something and other times it’s letters cut in to blocks using negative spaces. Do you come up with these ideas jamming at the wall/train or do you paint from outlines?


….. I have never liked the idea of relying on a sketch. 85% of my pieces are frestyled off the top of my mind. I like to see what I am painting on before i even think of a letter. I mean you could have a sketch, completely rely on the sketch as a basis for what you are doing, and then be handed a wild card when you get to the wall, and there is some Hole in the ground, or a window on a building, or whatever, and it completely comprimises that sketch, or a certain vital area that you like about that sketch. so I have always freestyled my pieces, and I have always chose spots on walls or trains, that i can use to my advantage to push my self that much further outside of my comfort zone. I do draw a lot to come up with ideas, and i try to revert mentally back to those drawings while i paint, but they never come out the same, and i am always happier with the painted version. More recently I have taken a couple sketches, or partial sketches in which i’ll have an idea i do want to do, and i freestyle the rest, and just try to macth it up, or find the formula of the sketch. shzzeeuuugghhh.


Any plans for travelling/painting this year?


….Definitely not. I am in such a financial crisis rght now, I am just greatfull to paint when, and where i get to. Once i figure out this financial Bullshit, i will start traveling again, and spraying a town near you. stay tuned.




Who’s your favourite writer out now?


…. I couldn’t say. there is a lot of people pushing the envelope right now. A lot of trickery being done, and though the trickery, and effects people are doing are very impressive, i still enjoy peoples ability to bring solid lettering to the table far more.. I wouldn’t say i have a favorite, i would just say I like good graffiti. I like it all. If it’s good, I like it.


Best/worst graff injury?


Getting caught for racking was my worste injury. by far. fuck the Po’lice.




Favourite City


…. That is a tough one.I like Los Angeles. San Francisco. Portland. Goshen jct. Portland has been a lot of fun for me in the past, as far as running a muck. I have had some good times there, and wouldn’t mind going back as soon as possible.. I love Los Angeles too, it’s probably my #1 draft pick if any. Some major babes in LA…. SF is fun too.. Painting with Reyes, and Steel, all while Steel is cooking up steaks, and juggling clickers for random garages around the city… hahaha




Best thing you’ve ever found?


….My Voice.




Power of flight or power of invisibility?


…Flight 100%. Gotta stay fly. haha


3 things you couldn’t live with out


….My son, My confidence, my crew.




If you didn’t paint what would you do?


Well, when I am not painting, I am out socializing some way or another, or drawing. I can’t imagine a life with out graffiti in it. I would probably be in (Legitimate) sales, or in prison. Maybe even dead. Graffiti/Painting really levels me out. It is a good releiver of stress, and a positive way to express feelings despite what the law will tell you, I will tell you here, and now; Fuck the law. go paint on something, you will feel better.




Any hidden talents?


….If I told you, I would have to kill you.


Last piece you saw that made you go ‘wwwwwwwha’


There has been a few. Like I said, a lot of people are doing some really cool stuff these days. But the last thing I saw that really made me think I was in the matrix was Some wall Ewok did with Witnes, that had some Samari character posted up.. Both those dudes have been bringing the heat, but I must say that particular EWOK was insane.. I really liked this Revok Billboard i saw recently too. It had the internet going nuts. My hat is of to those fine gents.




Who has the best hand style?


….Man. I like a lot of different hand styles, Where do I start? Veefer, Earsnot, Eklips, Rime, Retna, Adek, Twist, Push, Honke, to name a few. All are very different, but all are very good. I like people who have consistancy with there handwriting, as well as there tags, the motions are flawless, and when you see there shit, you know they give a damn about there hand, and it shows. Not an easy task, but those dudes listed above have it down..




Biggest gripe?


I Try not to gripe. but If i ever do gripe, it is about people who flake, or who are unloyal. I guess lying too. hah that shit is fucking horrible.. Maybe people who stalk my life, when they need to live there own..


If you could go back and see one gig/show in history what would it be?


Honestly, I wouldn’t mind witnessing a show from GG Allin. That dude was insane. I also wouldn’t mind seeing some real Punk shit hit the streets of these Bands that rock mascerra, and jeans tighter then there socks. Got there “hur did” like a female on some salon shit. What the hell is up with these dudes? ALL BAD. Or maybe that Jay-Z pump fake fare well show at Madison square garden. I am as big of fan of Jay-Z as the consultants from office space are fans of Michael Bolton haha.. -RIP GG ALLIN.


Last good film you saw


…I liked “Inception”. Might watch it again tonight if you act right. haha I never thought i would like anything from the Man who stared in “Gigli”, but i did enjoy “The town” too. but those are just of recent flicks I have seen to name a couple.


Youtube me a good tune


I thought you would never ask! There is no song greater than: ”Fry that chicken” by Mrs Peachez. -fo-get’about’it!




Rock or Rap


Rap. for sure.


Who’s cooler Justin Bieber or R. Kelly?


Kimmy Gibbler?



Cha Cha Chicken, jerk chicken enchiladas.




Any shouts?


My Son. My Crew. My friends. My boo-thang, and her dog She-ra. FTK 559. and a big Shout to my Homie Dets. RIP Brotha.



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