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dr. frink one

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where the fuck did he get that can of american accents from??



There's a mom n pop store near me that still has FEMALE American accents and painters touch in stock


You mad?

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Here's a link to a site that's taking donations for this cause. They're also looking for artists to donate work to be sold off. 100% of the profits will go toward helping MAD battle this terrible disease.


Please donate whatever you can and spread this message to everyone you know. Thanks.

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MSK thread, yes. But, TRAV was up for just about two days before this showed up. Of the two "pieces", have to say LUSH comes in second place to TRAV's, no competition. There are no rules in graff but there is common sense. Not that there's any beef that I care to make, LUSH did put up DAME and SIVA. If anything, it would be dope if MSK took back the wall and actually burned it top to bottom. SABER had a sick burner and fresh characters that took every inch. Kind of crappy to see the spot half step. It's a legal wall, no excuses for anything less then hot sauce. That's my word, do what you will.

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