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we all live in isolated safety compared to those that won't receive enough help in japan. this globalization we're in the midst of needs to be utilized in such a way that resources of willing participants can be dispersed to locations of those who need it the most, in a timely manner. i'm all down for seein naked japanese chicks, filmed yesterday, but, that isn't optimal exploitation of the available potential of today's world...i'm not wired btw, just buzzed.that, and props for the pepsi wall in san an. rime burned, once again. no surprise. risks' tornado "i" was also impecably executed.thanks for coming down.

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wyse = snitch. anyways if pores is a snitch, snitching on snitches is snitching.

sucks most of all for rebok http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hy01z8gepSQ&feature=related


news clipping_


"To the best of my knowledge this is the first time that an investigative subpoena has been utilized on such a minor offense," Newton said. "They're asking my client to inform on people that they really don't know under threat of perjury and a possible 15-year prison term. That's incredible to me."


Newton said she advised the men to reject an earlier plea agreement that called on them to name others who spray paint graffiti.


But #@!$% (ARYS TBK) was cooperative during his interview, Coyle said.


"The majority of graffiti is ... along Rosa Parks" near Wayne State University, Coyle said.


@#$%! and #@!$% (ARYS TBK) are nationally known graffiti artists and were invited to Detroit to do murals on the Second Street Laundromat near Wayne State, a separate building from the one on which they illegally painted graffiti.


arys beat up pores on tape? more like arys kicked him once he was down after his boys beat up pores. everyone knows arys is a week crack head snitch.


PROOF THAT YOU SHOULDN'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ. Arys never snitched on anyone. All these idiots chatting shit about stuff they know nothing about! So many sick writers get accused of snitching but nobody can ever say who the snitched on. Funny that.........?

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