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i don't know if i've seen these posted here, but if so, enjoy again! these may be some of my favorite pieces by all 4 of these guys.

excuse the bad crop of them, this is from when i really didn't take full pictures of pieces, just the details...


















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Will you kids please give this drama a rest already... Obviously a small group of people from the UK have it out for Aroe. Please, lets not turn this into a US vs. UK trash talking session. Go start a new thread to run your mouth, this thread is where you post photos.






Gary for VAST R.I.P.




bump that Steel train!!! That fucker is sick with it these days

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those grey steel and revok pieces remind me of this weird ass dream i had last night. I was in this apocalyptic type atmosphere, there was thunder and lightning and I was in this abandoned warehouse and the roof had fallen in (which is how i saw the crazy lightning). I walked outside of the warehouse trying to figure out where in the fuck I was and all I saw was just burners and this apocalyptic storm like right in my face...one of the pieces was a revok piece one of those ladder pieces like above a doorway type shit...and the other was an augor piece. both retarded in style and everything else for that matter (in a good way obviously) but both of the O's in each piece were these like trembliing eclosed egg looking things...the revok o was this like red shell that looked like it was about to explode with cracks of light like growing around the red-hot looking egg, its hard to describe but these pieces were amazing. and the augor o was just like the revok o but a like freezing apocalyptic egg with like glowing light blue cracks on the egg. basically the o's looked like they had a star inside of an enclosed temperaturized shells that were about to just fucking explode, they looked like they were shaking with life...anyway. that'd be tight to see in real life. back to the original the closest i have seen are those grey steel and revok pieces....CLEAN AS FUCK.

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