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dr. frink one

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haha,,,i was checkin out this thread when the first guy mentioned something about the R, (which was ridiculous to waste his time on in the first place)... but this is fuckin amusing how long its dragged on..but whatever im not helping right now i guess.


big up to msk and fam, !! killin em.

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I got nothin against that guy Rumor, but his whole shit is taken from other people, hes never done anything original. All Rime did was paint a classic style that people have done for the past 25 years.


this is a joke. nothing original? he has wrote different names in a ton of different styles for more than 15 years. JUST STOP ALREADY! that is my crewmate and my partner (no homo) that is why i had to say something. now lets just let it go!

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theyre trying to say it looks like this guy rumor dtt, fs etc etc, this guy who does freights and shit....... i think ive seen him do something similar to that "R" one time, but other than that i dont really get it either
i really hope i didnt stir up any type of contrevearsy with this, that wasnt any of my intention at all, i never said that rime bit that "R" or whatever, i actually have met rime and respect him and what him and msk do to the max, and i would imagine they know that.....it was never in any of my intentions to say anyone bit anything.... its an "R" and thats what it is who cares?
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