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Carol Moseley Braun was the most logical, informed, and articulate person to run for the Democratic nomination. What the hell is wrong with people?

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jenna SOOO has my vote.



but her dad dont!











......that's right cutie you get 2 thumbs up in my book!






but alas, my good senses tells me that dad isn't worthy of another 4..

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the nutsack dance!!



oh my god thats hours of fun flashbacks right here!! someone should sooo put up a new site with the nut sack dance.. Me, my lil sister and my lil brother would stare at it for like half an hour when i was younger, and just laugh our ass off...


i aint voting im a canadian, but if my life sucked more than now, i would've gone to the states and try to murder bush 3 years ago, whatever..crazy "politic"!! one day! one day! FUCK BUSH!




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Voting Republicrat


I am not all that happy with the Republicrats right now. I would probably vote Demopublican except I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE their stand on the Second Amendment, and I hate most of their candidates and their liberal sniveller attitudes, but the Republicrats seem determined to destroy whatever few civil liberties we still enjoy with more stupid ass "Patriot Act" type laws.


What I would really, really, REALLY rather do is VOTE LIBERTARIAN, but the god damned Libertarian Party can't elect anybody to anything. The local Libertarian newsletter has headlines like "Libertarian Elected to Water Board Alternate in Lubbock County! Libertarian candidates surge forward with a Statewide increase of 0.002% of Texas voters!"


I would be happy to abandon the Republican Party, but I do not trust the Democrats to not try to ban firearms ownership, or pull some other liberal fascist stunt to disarm the American people. If the Libertarians were just strong enough to win, I would gladly vote Libertarian. Or, if the Democrats would just seriously embrace the RIGHT to keep and bear arms, I would at least vote for the more conservative Democratic candidates. But I'm not supporting any party that wants to disarm me. Fuck that.


President Bush said it all when he described the Republican fundraiser as a meeting of "the haves and the have-mores." I got no problem with being rich, but the President has a serious case of hoof-in-mouth disease.

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KaBar, you appear to be a sensible person but my jaw always drops when i remember you support things i myself can really not accept, such as firearms ownership.


I'd really like to see you defend its integrity, when you see other countries which have it forbidden don't suffer at all the same crime rates, or even that simple sense of threat.

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