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you know what left unsaid, fuck you straight up. stop sticking your

nose where it doesn't belong. yuk vs media, please, this is

media vs yuk. your a toy, nobody cares about your opinion. i never

liked you in the first place or your wack ass attempts

at graffiti, just fall off already faggot.


ok enough shit talking...


what up sofa, nice to hear you got my back homie, and don't

worry i'll be back, and not just trains and legals, i'm a bomber

and always will be, i just gotta deal with some bullshit first. i'm

feeling those new flicks though, especially the aqua teen prodo.


whats up to all my homies still doing thier thing, run these streets

for me till i get back. oh and if punk ass amre thinks he can diss

my shit while i'm on lock down and get away with it then hes got

a real rude awakening coming to him once i'm free. you think i was

"taking your freedom to paint" before, just wait homie, just wait.



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