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Jacksonville, it ain't dead! Just slow...

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let me see some of that down south chapter of the rad posse!



say lil daddy jacksonville is swell but it don't compare to that M-A-G and VL.


nigga lemme see some goose, some ken, some camoflauge socks, some are, some res, some camoflauge socks!


saw some old renk freight w/Top Mob written next to it.

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shut the fuck up dick, everyone turned theyre back on arms and everyone wants peace wit me, look, heres 2 emails i got from that ho:


I've tried many times before, but you don't seem to get it..so i'll try again.....you've said it yourself, this is stupid and that it should be done..so i let your spots ride and then you talk more shit....its simple really....you stop painting over shit+i stop painting over shit=spots running and no stupid beef.....what do you say pal?


i didnt call you...i dont know your phone number...someone was fucking with you...but i have tried to end this a few times...i even told xxxxx id meet up and paint with you back when this all started...I ragged your shit because everytime i try and end this with you, you say or do something that keeps it going...the point is im trying to resolve something with you...something thats really fucking dumb...so take it or leave it


suck my diiiiiick youre getting all your shit taken out for the rest of mine and mbk 40k sars bkb aob mm crews lives, no mercy and we will fuck you up when we find you

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