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Jacksonville, it ain't dead! Just slow...


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How in the hell is this dude still around? Fuck em.


I waited for you with a hammer, by myself for like, 3 days once myles. I've been to your house and waited. Everyone who knows me knows I'm not a violent dude...that's the kinda hate I had for you at one point.


Another funny thing that may or may not be true. About 3 years ago i saw a kid who supposedly looked like you riding his bike down Park Ave....I pulled over next to him and asked "Are you myles?"..he said "no...but i know him." And then hauled ass away. hahaha...suuuuurebuddy...If that was you, you have NO right to call ANYONE a pussy. Really...come on..


Regardless of how hillbilly and backwards you think Jacksonville is, you couldn't cut it here....how sad is that?


You are such a non-issue. But...have fun doing whatever the hell it is you're doing...You just have one less place you can visit without getting punched in the face.



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Originally posted by atez@Apr 3 2006, 04:14 AM

yo bash shut the fuck up u washed up dead beat writer before i get u fired from mcdonalds! oxe said go to his shop, hell tattoo all your crew!!


hope to see you on wednesday lil bitch,.....protect ya neck!......YOU WILL EAT YOUR WORDS!!!!!.............marked bitch :haha: :haha: :haha: ..........mcdonalds that was funny i must admit!.......can't wait to see your face beat up my hands! :haha: :haha:


funny to see you throw your homeboy infront of this movin train too..now thats a loyal ass crew you got there loser! :haha: :haha: pure entertainment

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WUZ j-vIlle this be sek 8up crew i ran up in yo town not 2 long ago just popin in to holla at sum niggaz holla bak



that flik aint from jacksonville, i fliked this insouth florida and its the same billboard after it got buffed, if u look at the metal on the bottom u see trik and seksr tags with the same grren buff drippen on it...lol


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