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Originally posted by FR8HOUND

Hey Turbo, I didn't post your shit cuz I knew you were going to have something to say, and since you did, FUCK YOU.


ahhhhhhhhhahahahahaha.....thanks for NOT posting my shit though....im 95% sure it was crap.




and the colors on that sigh...whew.

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Originally posted by reptar

"what u write...

mare man... i write mare.

mare, M-A-R?

nah M-A-R-E mare... m-a-r is mar , nah but seriously we gotta kill them dudes..."


c'mon man, research before u pick a name


bump for the junkies



shut up you fucking toy, this dude would burn you anyday.


he doesnt paint much anymore, but he'll burn your ass.... he's been puttin in time since the mid 80's...


Mare NSA, TNFK, is the shit......



that glue is hot........

as is the sigh

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hey you are a fagget for saying that shit about mare...thats my long time fucking partner and close friend....and crew member too

who cares what they say mr. mare......you been down since '88 kid......

so fuck you all who wanna put that shit on mare about the old school mare from style wars......this is the old schol FREIGHT TRAIN rocker mare from alabama ....so all you that wanna hate on my man eat a dick!! mare twoer...nsa tnfk sfr ya bitches!!

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