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Ever Encountered The Elusive Squirting Vagina?


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if you cant get your girl to squirt youre not doing it right.


this is one of the most moronic examples of machismo i've ever seen/read.


it is girl dependent. thankfully.

that shit is seriously gross. you want to fuck in a car, elevator, on a couch, sleeping bag while camping, etc etc? i sure do, and i don't want nasty jizz juice sprayed all over my shit. i don't want to have to wash my sheets and mattress liner every time i give my girl an orgasm, if i had to i would stop giving orgasms.

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first of all thats some dorm room pussy, hence the hobbit bed and prison walls. Secondly there is a pretty easy fingering technique. Curl the two middle fingers hit the roof of the pussy an inch or two in and push down on her pubic bone with her other hand. Shits gonna start to sound dumb wet in a minute and theyll try to close their legs if theyre not used to it. Just keep on pushing for a few more seconds and bam, you got a nice little puddle to work with. She doesnt have to squirt everytime she cums, its just a nice trick to break out everyonce in a while.

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Only in the videos, and I don't really buy it cause it shoots out like whoa and it always accompanies the fakest of orgasms. The girl is screaming at the top of her lungs and shooting gallons of love juice? I think not.


But do we even know for sure if we're giving them orgasms? That question will ruin your love life if you think about it too hard...



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It's all about the position.

After years and years I finally got my wife to squirt, and it only happens when I hit it at a certain angle with her ass hanging off the bed.

It might be a different angle for other chicks cause some of them have different setups than others, but that's the one that works for her.

It's not a super soaker spray like in porn, and according to her it's not even that great of an orgasm.

But it's definitely not coming from the piss hole.

And it definitely doesn't smell like piss.

So if your chick is "squirting" from her piss hole and it smells like piss then you're both doing it wrong.

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a year or two back, i fucked a squirter for a few months.

she could get off without squirting too.

DAO is right, positioning is key.


for all you 16 year olds out there writing in with your expert opinions that its nothing like the vids, youre wrong.

shit can get pretty wet, its not just a youjizz thing.


best thing i can say is after a while the novelty wears off and youre stuck in a wet bed with sopping sheets next to a shivering woman with the faint smell of seattles pike place fish market wafting through your bedroom night after night.


hardcore squirting is a lot like atming a bitch, its cool for a minute, but its not exactly a desirable wife trait.

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