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Top Posters In This Topic

I really like that Blur bag you posted, as well as the Jansport that 2Blazzed put up.


My recommendation, however, is an EB bag. I have been using those for ten years, non-stop. They used to have a guarantee, though I’m not sure if they still do. The one I have currently matches perfectly with my winter jacket. Also, I’ve been using it for three years under harsh conditions with no problems at all. What’s good about them compared to a Jansport is that the straps are much more cushiony and comfortable on the shoulders. Timberland is good, too. As is the MEC bags on King. I believe they might have a guarantee on them, too.

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ok... I've decided I dont want a bag with a hip strap.

that's just too big for what I need, and I already have a big bag.

(and some MEC duffles too... best duffle bags ever!)


the heaviest thing I'd put in it would be a 6pack or maybe a 26er of jack.

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Im a tad late but Clive bags hold well, and have a good reputation for being rough, and sturdy sometimes though theres enough pockets to hide a small arsenal and there there just for looks or for bells and whistles you know?

Gravis also has a good rep, Ive had one of their backpacks for the past year(shadow pack) now and its my main every day bag, but mainly its where I carry all my cpu and gear with it, its like a roaming digital studio....so far its held up pretty damn nicely. I would reccomend both of those companies for a backpack of they type you are looking for.


and of course theres the noteable "outdoor" brands there always good.

I too am in the market for a bag just something smaller than the one I have, mostly for paint, and small items around.., except I think im goin to go with a timbuk message bag.

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sure thing pinup..... I'll wear it dancing at the LoveParade!





okay.... So I acted implusively and got one!

It's made by Salomon (the ski etc. people)

and it was $100.... but 50% off!!!!

and at Europe Bound for those in the know.


I have a pic and I'll post it shortly.

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