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September pickups : AM1 Anniversary Edition (original AM1 colorway from 30 years ago) AM1 Centre Pompidou Pack (colorways inspired by day / night look of the Pompidou centre in France

Bodega NBs

just copped another pair of Footscape Wovens.  In my top 10 easily.  

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Originally posted by RumPuncher@Dec 28 2005, 01:21 PM

a petition to Nike to release the shoes Michael J Fox wore in Back to the Future (aka moonboots)


there's a rumour that nike is going to release them in 2015,

the year that the movie was set. Cool rumour, probably not true.


almost positive those were the nike air revolutions, which came out in like 02 or 03, i have some.


my two latest purchases:





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Originally posted by KniggazInDemStreetz@Jan 7 2006, 03:30 AM

This kid at school has those Zebra striped shoes, I call him killa stee, he wont tell me where he picked them up.


I never tell anyone where i get my shoes from either. People kept asking me where i was getting my pro keds. I told them I know Dame Dash.

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Originally posted by Mr. ABC@Jan 6 2006, 07:54 AM

i'm not much of a shoe nerd, but can you still get these anywhere? i've wanted a pair for years but never took the time to hunt any down, and i'm not down for buying shoes online. i actually want to try them on first







im pretty sure the first 2 pics are of fake ones. but not certain.

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