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2 hours ago, mr.yuck said:

Yo im very upset that i missed out on the reverse skunk dunks. How do you guys know when these limited editions are going to drop?

haven’t been botting due to piano but there’s discord servers dedicated to sneaker botting/copping - you pay a monthly fee and gain membership into the server (these are called cook groups) which have a shit ton of info . Some are free (usually trash) , some are like $60 a month (pricey imo) . Some more organized than others , etc . Mostly run/backed by programmers who code site  monitors/people with connects in the sneaker world . Usually used by botters but a lot of manual (non botters/legit trys) use em as well with success 

People who run these groups provide services like scraping websites for product id’s and early links , giving you location based raffle info (lot of retailers going raffle now to try and kill off botting - but now there’s raffle bots lmao) , upcoming restock info , shock drop info and all sorts of other good shit . All this stuff only increases your chances by a few percent , it doesn’t guarantee shit - with or without a bot . I’ve been on through drops where botters and manual (regular) users both strike out and are left in the dust - looking at you , supreme .
covid relief murakami box logo tee tomorrow - US only , gonna be a shitshow for sure . I’m gonna try to manual one for kicks and probably just waste time that I should be spending practicing keys

No lie I forced myself to learn all that shit tho after I read some dude post on niketalk about a certain bot taking mad stock on the Union LA jordan 1 drop (black toe pair) . During that drop I was faded running down the subway entrance tryna start the journey to my uncles spot from manhattan to Long Island . Was in line on the Shopify queue with my celly and lost service / my spot in line when I got into the train (my fault lol) . Was so heated , read that thread on niketalk post-drop in the airport and dove in on botting when I got back home to LA . Was actively botting nov18~Nov19 , but then I slowly lost interest . 


feel free to DM me for anything related to this stuff , like I said some people get really mad over this stuff lol - but copping a shoe online is harder than ever and you need every advantage you can get if you really want a personal pair in your size @ retail 


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On 2/21/2020 at 3:30 PM, ndv said:



If you have those Ritz, you have those chicken & waffles?    Props if so!

Mb on the late reply , gonna spend more time here on the forums instead of Instagram for the next few months

I do not have em but I have seen em and def fuck w/ em ! 

1) been digging 70s runners and loving those tailwinds . *The mesh ones - nylon paneling just reminds me of old lady bra’s lol 

2) on the saucony tip I saw these released in collaboration w/ lapstone & hammer . two colorways - hand done whip stitch on the toe . . so sick ! 



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Yee - Jazz OG are a great silhouette , top 5 all time for me . Tend to stick to Nike/Saucony - got a pair of GL3’s but the rest of my collection are strictly sneakers from various skate companies I grew up on 


These are my favorite in the collection , the “Sea & Sand” collabo w/ Anteater from Russia 


Bummed I missed out on these perforated leather joints , I haven’t found any reviews of the leather quality but they dropped in 2 colorways (black / white) - would dig one of each when I can afford to buy sneakers again 😂 




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