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I got a few models - Deltas, Big Hi's, those Featherlights I've yet to pick up - so yeah,maybe it's the skate sole? Don't have AF1 but Decy said he's had slippage problems in his.


Flights seem ok but I don't like wearing them in the rain.


I'll see, it's getting to Autumn now, so plenty of time to test models out.


Cheers dudes.

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Yeah you gotta get some shit built for grippin the court.


Dude at footaction today tried to sell me the weathermans cause i walked in with foams on.


"what size you wear?"




"damn cause i was gone say we still have some weathermans left."


"them shit's garbage."


"i don't know what type of foams you like"




then he admitted they're wack.


Only foam i've ever seen in every store a week or 2 after the drop.

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Bagged these for free, fresh as a daisy. New Bristol mate's boyfriend got em for her 3 years ago but they're too big for her. Thanks for having great taste and a sucky memory, dude ;)


TERMINATOR, haha, cool name. They are comfy as fuck as well and cosy. Seem pretty stable too. Had em out in the rain no prob.


Soz for the shit flick, will flick my actual ones soon.



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I always liked that E. German rain drop camo pattern




Since Winter is almost here, what is everyone doing for boots? Word around the camp fire is that since it's Timberland's 40th anniversary they are going to retro the infamous Iditerod Super Boot (aka 40 belows)



(from dallaspenn.com)


I've also been looking into getting either a pair of Asolo Fugitives or Saloman Quest 4D for some Goretex feet protection.





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