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Summer time(even though I rock em year round)......had to cop a new pair of Sperry





sorry for bumping an oldish post, but i tried sperrys at the beginning of the summer. 8- yes EIGHT days after i bought them both shoes were tearing in 2 places each. one rip was already about 3/4 an inch. took them shits back, thought maybe it was just a bad pair. waited 3 long weeks for the new pair- which only lasted 3 fucking days before tearing. maybe i have a really fucked up walk or sometihng, but those shoes were total FAIL

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fell upon this brand recently called Oak Street Bootmakers. classic and QUALITY!

All Oak Street shoes and boots are handcrafted in the USA by shoemakers with over 20 years of experience. Each pair has replaceable outsoles a feature normally reserved for formal footwear, to ensure a lifetime of wear...




the navy camp boot is unreal and gets better with time... not shoes for penny pinchers. you can stick to sperrys and ll bean... but these will last you a lifetime and your supporting small business and getting HANDCRAFTED shoes...

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Speaking of LL bean, I forgot to take a pic of my pops' goretex boots that has to be at least 15-20 years old. They look so fly. Wish he had the same shoe size cuz they would've been jacked by me.


Those oak street joints are dope and the pri e points ain't that crazy considering they're handcrafted.


Anybody have any idea on how much is it to replace vibram soles on redwings?

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^S.Dots "paying homage" to the gucci sneakers as well.



well i finally took out the black/metallic jordan Vs last night, committed a party foul and spilled a beer on one of them, anyone have any tips for getting this stain out of nubuck/suede?

i've been trying one of those erasers for cleaning suede shoes with little luck.

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