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I was just looking to look. Shits retarded.



ohh boyz them supras are fresh as fuck and you got them new jordans i wish i wasnt poor im rocking some supras too


the black croc suede ones


but they fucked up like a mofo now


gotta geta job and cop some more

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waddup fam..

trying to get rid of these shoes. i was on a temporary shoe hype, bought them without really thinking it through. turns out my foot is too wide for Nike's. which is sad cause these shoes are dope. i tried to make it work but no luck. i can count on one hand how many times ive tried to wear both of them.


retail for the veloces is $85, i would like to sell sell for $75 obo..

retail for the dunks is $79.95, i would like to sell for $65 obo..


i will negotiate..


i stay in tracy, ca. and can arrange for the sale anywhere within the 209, 916 or bay area..






dunk lo




feel free to reply via email ljsantos594@gmail.com

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Those are nice^


I want some white Nikes with red baseball looking stitches.

Seen some of those new Ducati or Ferrari Pumas that had that probably by accident or just luck.

Bad ass, but no skinny ass Eurofeet, so no Adidas or Pumas fit me.

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